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How to Protect Kids from Digital Missteps

How to Protect Kids from Digital Missteps

Considering technology development these days, it’s impossible to avoid the digital world. Denying it will only make things worse so it’s better to make sure that you’re teaching your children to know the limits and be responsible, especially that even video games can be very beneficial for them. How can you protect your kids from digital missteps?

Help them build social skills offline

Study shows that children who already have well-developed social skills can use digital media responsibly and, in most cases, it won’t do any harm to their social development. Make sure you spend enough time with your kids. Teach them to interact, to look a person in the eyes where they’re talking, to respect other people’s opinions no matter what, to be kind but, at the same time, to be able to say no. 

Teach them to spend time offline

Psychologists agree that children who at a very young age are being punished by taking their devices away and rewarded with time online are more prone to getting addicted to digital media later. Plus, it’s vital to spend time together away from devices – eat dinner together, play board games, go to all sorts of events and, most importantly, talk.

Help them get online

Since it’s impossible to keep them away from digital media, start teaching them how to use it. You can practice writing e-mails together or have them watch when you engage in a polite discussion, write a good book review or like and comment your friends’ posts – show them how to behave both offline and online.

If you want to know more about engaging your younger children into fun activities, check out this infographic provided by PDPlay:


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