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How to Protect Your Furniture When You Move

How to Protect Your Furniture When You Move

So, you already know about cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, foam peanuts and all that stuff. How exactly are you supposed to protect, say, your dining room table or an antique chair once it’s loaded on the moving truck? Lots of people have questions about furniture moving, so we are going to walk you through the process step-by-step to make sure everything gets to your new home looking its best.

Clean Everything First

Yes, on top of everything else you have to do before the move, you also have to thoroughly clean furniture before you put it on the truck. Why? Because little things like dust and grit suddenly become dangerous when your furniture is packed tightly in a small space. A tiny piece of gravel can leave scratches all over your wood furniture after it gets the chance to roll all over it during a 6 Hour drive.

Anything that’s been up in your attic, down in the basement, or out of the garage should also be wiped down, as they are especially likely to be dusty. This first step is crucial to protecting your furniture.

Dismantle Modular or Large Furniture

One of the easiest ways to hurt your furniture is to accidentally bump it against the door frame on the way in or out. Whenever possible, disassemble modular furniture (to a reasonable extent, you do not need to undo every last screw) to make it easier to turn corners and clear doorways.

Large furniture is another thing that often gets damaged during the move. Measure, measure, then measure again. China cabinets, hutches, dining room tables, refrigerators, and anything else that looks like it may have trouble getting through a doorway or a hallway should be partially disassembled to allow for easier access. This will protect your walls too!

Use Bubble Wrap, Plastic Sheeting, and Furniture Pads

Bubble wrap can be used to protect delicate furniture legs, drawer handles, etc. Plastic sheeting is excellent for protecting upholstery. Furniture pads help create a much-needed barrier between the furniture and the walls of the truck, or between two pieces of furniture. The moving company will supply these, but if you are going the DIY route, be sure to rent furniture pads.

Place Items Carefully in Truck

The better you can pack the moving truck, the safer your items will ultimately be. Large furniture items should go in first, and the truck should be packed leaving very little room on any side of the furniture. Use straps to secure especially large items in place. If there’s too much room around the furniture, it only creates opportunities for things to rock, go off balance, and crash. Don’t let it happen. Pack the truck like a jigsaw puzzle.

Arrange for Specialty Items to be Moved Separately

Certain items require an expert level of care – and considering the investment you have probably already made in these items, it’s worth paying for the specialty service. For instance, pianos cannot safely be moved on a regular moving truck. In fact, most moving companies will outright refuse to load a piano. Piano movers have a very specific process they go through to ensure that the instrument is fully protected and arrives in excellent condition.

Other items requiring this level of care might include aquariums, especially valuable antiques, or oversized furniture which requires special moving considerations. If you are working with the moving company, be sure to go over these items with them to see what can and can’t be moved, and if they have any recommendations for reputable specialty movers.

It definitely requires a little extra planning but getting your furniture safely to your new home does not have to be a scary prospect. Just follow these steps and everything should arrive in great shape.

Niv Orlian

Niv Orlian is a blogger at Golan’s Moving, a site all about moving, and related topics such as real estate, home moving tips, and general household tips.


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