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How to Protect your Wig This Summer?

How to Protect your Wig This Summer?

The summers are here and if you are a woman who wears a fashion human hair wig, you already know that the skin is not the only thing you need to worry about. The wig demands a lot of care and attention and if it does not get the love it needs, things can go wrong with it.

However, things with wigs can be prevented or improved by following a few basic tips and rules. What are they? Let’s get down to the business and protect our wigs.

Use a cover when stepping out of the home

The first and foremost thing to do is to cover the hair. The idea is to not to let the sunlight reach the hair, directly. This becomes even more important if you are going to be out in the sun for a prolonger period of time. Direct sunlight causes irreversible damage to the hair and that is the last thing you want to happen to your wig.

Replace your regular wig with a synthetic one

While the human hair wig looks more natural, replacing it with a synthetic wig is an option that you should definitely consider for the summers. These wigs are lighter, easier to maintain and keep your head comparatively cooler. The only drawback is the plastic feel that they impart.

Short hair is better in summers

Long hair is hot and we understand that but when it rains ultraviolet rays, shorter the hair, better the experience. Moreover, long hair creates a mess when they come in contact with sweat. This is why it is a good idea to get a short hair wig which will not only stay cleaner but also let the air circulate around your neck more freely.

Alternate hairstyles

In case you do not like the idea of using a wig with short hair, you could try creating different hairstyles and finding the one that allows better movement of air around the neck and minimum contact between hair of the wig and sweat on the skin.

Sunlight is not the only thing

The temperatures are already soaring in the summers and you should not be the one making things more difficult for yourself by standing near a source of heat. Keep your hair away from the heat. Do not store wigs in places that get hot quickly.

Wash when needed

Summers mean sweat and when sweat and wig hair come together, the damage is bound to happen. To minimize this damage, wash your wig regularly. Keep it clean. Washing once a month should be more than enough in most of the cases. However, do not make it a hard limit. Be a wise judge and condition the wig as and when required.

The curls can mess up

Most women love buying curly hair wigs because they look trendy and hot. However, when the curly hair come in contact with moisture (humidity in the air), they can get frizzy and stuff. Sadly, in many cases, you may not able to get back the original curls and end up losing all the beauty of the wig. So if you are a proud owner of a curly hair wig, you have to be extra precautious of the situation and take appropriate protective measures.

Go for cap less wigs

Many wig wearers know the struggle with going outdoors in the sun and how hot it can get. This is why its recommendable to wear cap less wigs during the season. These styles allow a better air circulation on and around the hair and hence keep you cooler. While these are called cap less, they provide full coverage and are equally effective.

Choosing an adhesive for the wig

One primary concern that every wig wearer has is that the adhesive can come off in the humid climate and if that happens in public, it can be highly embarrassing. This ultimately leads to a lot of anxiety in the wig wearer. The best solution is to use a water-based adhesive which can provide better waterproofing and grip.

Do not wear wigs to the swimming pool

Even after applying the best adhesive and the using the best quality of wig, chemicals in the pool can damage the hair to an unimaginable extent. This is why, it is advised to wear a synthetic wig to the pool which does not suffer any damage by chemicals like chlorine present in the pool water.

Try lighter colours

We love dark colours because they suit almost any skin complexion. However, summers might not be the best time to wear dark colours. Dar colours absorb maximum amount of light and heat. As a result, the dark coloured hair tends to get hotter and make it uncomfortable for you to survive the scorching heat. Whereas, the light-coloured hair absorbs minimum light and heat and thus keep your head cool.

Use a Gel Band

A gel band is simply a band (much like a wig elastic band which keep the wig in its place on your head) that is wrapped around the wig on the head and keeps the head cool. The gel is a composition of elements that are naturally cool and do not attract heat at all. Wrapping a gel band around your head will ensure that you feel a little more comfortable and struggle a little less with your favorite wig.

Follow the regular cleaning routine

The final step is to not let your regular wig cleaning exercise go lose. Follow the steps given above and at the same time do the regular cleanup of the wig as you normally do in any season. Keep your wig healthy and that is all you need to do to make it last longer.

Summers are dreadful if you are a wig wearer. However, if good practices are followed and care is taken, it is not difficult to wear your favourite wig throughout the summer. All you need to make sure is that you are not doing anything that can ruin the hair of the wig or make your life uneasy.

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