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How to Purchase Appropriate Mechanical Mods

How to Purchase Appropriate Mechanical Mods

The mechanical modis used to obtain a better taste. Only the mechanical mod can be equipped with a large smoke amount of atomizer. It must be acknowledged that the vaping experienceof large-volume, heavy-smoke atomizers is incomparable with small-volume atomizers such as ego. You can use the flavor of rice and the taste of burning garbage to make an analogy. The possible reason is that the tank has more room for condensation.Recently, there is new product from vapeciga, which is called THC Tauren Max Mech Mod. It equipped with a unique ball fire button. In addition, a waterproof design makes it more portable.What’s more, luxury ands olid food-grade painting, which seems excellent.

Mechanical Mod Is Cheaper.

The pressure regulating rod not only doubles the price, but also does not help to improve the taste, reduce the difficulty of DIY, shorten the length of the tobacco rod, etc.

1: The voltage regulating module of the length regulating rod is equivalent to a section of 18350 battery. Only one short battery is used to shorten the length of the tobacco rod for easy access. It’s totally wrong.

2: The mechanical mod should be equipped with two 18350 batteries to get good results, must be a single battery double wire, or two battery monofilament. The former will lead to DIY and the installation is inconvenient. The latter is the right choice.

3: Improve the taste, and whether or not to regulate the pressure to improve the taste, the first is smoke oil, and the second is the amount of smoke. The mechanical modis equivalent to the pressure regulating rod. It is said that the pressure regulating rod can stabilize the voltage. But this is not the case.

4: The pressure regulating rod also has two batteries to go out in the actual mechanical mod, if two batteries, then a whole day can not be used. The voltage change during this process is very small, and there is nothing to adjust the pressure bar. If you install a battery, whether it is a mechanical modor a pressure regulating rod, you must carry two batteries to go out. Actually, it is better to put both batteries into the pole. Both batteries are loaded into the pole, which also eliminates the difficulty of installing the heating wire. The batteries mentioned here are all 18350 short batteries. If it is a 18650 long battery, the pressure regulating rod has 1 section of 18650 and the mechanical modhas 2 sections of 18350. Both length and power are similar. No need to care.

5: Reduce the difficulty of DIY merchants generally sold, customized 2.8 euro heating wire is the best match for double-cell batteries. There is no need to wrap the wire, burn the wire, adjust the number of turns, and so on. The pressure regulating rod is absolutely inferior in this respect. It is necessary to wrap the wire by itself or buy a 1.5 ohm heating wire for the double wire. It is equivalent to a mechanical modwith one section.

Don’t Look For A Product withPlastic Case.

Generally novices worry that the oil is not dry. In fact, as long as you take a few days, you can naturally feel that the oil is gone. Nothing is necessary at all. Moreover, the plastic thread cannot be finely processed, and it is dissolved with the smoke oil, and it is likely to leak oil.

The taste is mainly determined by the smoke oil. Do not try to extract the taste of the cigarette.

Novices often switch from cigarettes to smoke camps and like the “original taste”However, the main body of the smoky oil is propylene glycol and triol, which are naturally sweet. Finding the “original taste”is impossible and meaningless. It is also a strange smell to smoke cigarettes for a while. I am currently smoking American flavors, and there are too many stocks of 600 ml. I can’t experiment with other flavors. It was also the result of trying to pursue the “original taste”. According to the sweetness of the smoke oil itself, I think the fruit taste will be more suitable. In addition to smoke oil, the second place is the amount of smoke. However, the amount of smoke can not be too high, the power is too high, the oil can not keep up; the heat is too fast, fried oil and paste; dry, throat. These problems will arise.

How to DIY The Mechanical Mods?

First of all, I still have to look at my own taste.

If the fog is insufficient, it is brown sugar. Sweet. The measures at this time are to increase the voltage, reduce the number of turns, and dense the heating wire spacing.

If the atomization is excessive, it will be dry, tasteless, and even savoury. The measures at this time are to reduce the voltage, increase the number of turns, and increase the oil storage capacity of the cotton rope wrapped by the heating wire.

Increasing the oil storage capacity of the cotton rope can increase the radius or quantity of the bundled cotton rope. It is recommended to increase the quantity, not only can increase the cotton rope storage of the triggering hot wire, but the excess cotton rope can also increase the oil storage capacity of the whole atomizing pot. Otherwise, it is better to use a rope multiple folds to increase the oil storage capacity of the cotton rope. If you do not need extra cotton rope to increase the oil storage capacity of the whole atomizer, it is best to put a layer of cotton on the bottom of the pot.


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