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How to Redirect Careers in 2019

How to Redirect Careers in 2019

Today more than ever, it is easier to redirect your career even if you are more later than earlier in your working life. The modern economy blurs the lines that previously forced people to remain stuck in an unfulfilling career. In 2019, there are many different ways to get started doing something new. Here are some of the steps that you can take to make that change.

Cast a Wide Net

If you are making a career change holding onto certain preconceived notions of what may be fitting for you, there is a large chance that you may miss out on exciting new opportunities. In 2019, when you think of making a change, you should think bold. That does not automatically mean that you should gamble with your career change. What it does mean is that you should be considering as wide of a variety of options as possible. You never lose anything by doing as much research as possible about a number of different fields.

The worst thing that happens is that you have learned something new that becomes part of your background knowledge. Exploring opportunities by learning costs nothing in most cases and can only help your career. Especially as global economic growth is predicted to slow down in 2019, you should be as creative as possible if you are looking to redirect your career.

Take Classes

In the past, it was much harder to transition to doing something new. In order to change directions, an entirely new degree plus some experience was often needed in order to convince potential employers to take a chance to hire a new worker. The learning piece of that equation is now easier than ever as education has been democratized and made much more accessible to anyone. Taking classes is as simple as sitting down at your computer when you have an hour or two. You can learn at your own pace based on your own schedule. You can obtain the necessary education online for many different fields. Once you have taken coursework in a certain area, you have demonstrated your commitment to the area to possible employers.

Don’t Be Afraid

When you approach someone seeking employment, the worst possible answer that you could receive to your question is “no.” It does not cost you anything to ask the question. Therefore, you should be bold and never hesitate to approach someone when you are looking to switch careers. Even if that person cannot hire you, they may be willing to give you free advice or refer you to someone else who may be interested in hiring you. Some of the more unexpected jobs that we get are the ones where someone who was not hiring refers candidates to someone who was hiring. While everyone hates rejection, it is a fact of life when one is searching for a new career. However, even after hundreds of rejections, the answer at one point will be “yes.”

Seek a Mentor

Giving someone else a stake in your success is a surefire way to motivate them to help you. When others feel a sense of ownership of your career, they will be more inclined to go out of their way for you. When people are in the role of mentor, they will be more likely to give you unvarnished advice that does not cost you anything. A lesser known secret is that people like to be asked for help. Therefore, you should never be afraid to ask someone for their advice. Sometimes, that advice is then combined with offers of help. The more people that you have in your corner as informal advisors, the stronger your chances will be of being able to make a successful career transition.

Don’t Fear Rejection

As stated before, you lose nothing by asking a question. There will be plenty of rejection along the way. While it is unreasonable to advise anyone to embrace rejection, at the same time, it can be used as a motivating factor. By redoubling your efforts every time you receive an inevitable rejection, you fuel yourself to keep fighting for what you want. While it is natural to not like to be told no, 99 out of every 100 responses you receive when you are trying to redirect careers will likely be negative.

It is important to know that it is always possible to do something new in your career if you are bold and resourceful enough. It will always take work as well as some hits to your pride, but the end result justifies the amount of effort that it takes.


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