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How to Remove Bad Reviews?

How to Remove Bad Reviews?

The work with Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), as well as Online Reputation Management (ORM) promotion of the company or brand is associated with the official presence or non-public activity, so-called guerrilla marketing on the review sites. In this case, the removal of negative reviews is still an important tool to protect business reputation on the Internet. Reputation management companies like trustanalytica help businesses of all sizes to learn basic algorithms on how to change customer’s perception for better and how to remove negative reviews effectively and without too much risk for the business reputation. 

The fact is that negative feedback is often lacking in evidence. If there is not enough information to confirm the validity of the review: no order or delivery dates, order numbers, waybills or other data —  all this must be requested from the author in a personal message or comments under the review. It would be also effective to support the actions by sending a letter of complaint about the review to the review site. 

What Happens After the Request from the Official Representative:

The author must send to the administrator, official representative or write in the comments to the review the missing data to confirm the validity of the review. If the author does not do so within 7 working days, the review is removed (in most cases this is the case). Because it bears incomplete or inaccurate information and may mislead readers. The author of the review has the full right not to respond to the requests of ordinary users. However, he is obliged to respond to the official representative in a mandatory manner.

What TrustAnakytica Can Offer?

For TrustAnalytica, reputation management is the creation f credibility and a positive image for your company, making it look attractive in the eyes of customers. Protecting the reputation of the business and public persons from negative reviews. This reputation management leader helps to neutralize the negative actions of your enemies and competitors, build the protection of companies and public persons. 

The company also helps to build for your company a positive reputation, which is not only the key to the full functioning of the business but also one of the main factors in attracting customers.

Proper monitoring of references and feedback about you and your company, according to TrustAnalytica is capable to eliminate the threat of negative reviews. Based on the results of the analysis, companies can build a work strategy that would help them gain even greater customer audiences, even when being under the pressure of regular informational attacks from the side of the business opponents.

The best tactics against negative customer reviews will always be timely responses. Feedback needs to be answered. Fake clients need to be asked for details of their negative experiences. Without proof, customers who leave negative reviews can be sure that their comments would not be taken for granted. Accordingly, under each negative feedback, the company would be better to leave a constructive answer with the proposition to indicate exact information so that the problem could be eliminated by the company. Without any proof from the side of the customer, the company would not be able to deal with the negative reviews. But other customers who visit the website will see that the company tried and did its best to make their clients feel cared for and that company wants to improve its services and guarantee to its clients a respectable level of service. 

Using the advice and help of reputation managers like TrustAnalytica any business can develop from a small one to a large corporation with strong roots at the global market and a satisfied community of regular clients.


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