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How to respond if you suffer a personal injury

How to respond if you suffer a personal injury

Nobody wants to be hurt. But, unfortunately, there is a fairly high chance that you will be at some point in your life. Accidents happen. You have only got to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to have one and be hurt.

Should this happen to you, it is important to respond in the right way. What you do in the first few hours, days, and weeks after your accident can have a big impact on how much compensation you receive.

Consider hiring a lawyer

Personal injury claims are usually long, drawn-out, and complex affairs. So, it usually makes sense to hire a lawyer. It is relatively easy to find a LA personal injury lawyer. This is also the case in most US cities and towns.

But, it is particularly important to hire a suitable one for your case. Doing so can make a huge difference to the outcome. In particular to how much compensation you are paid and how soon you receive your payout.

Make sure your lawyer is an experienced one

The more relevant the lawyer’s experience is to your case the better. This is because the rules and regulations that are relevant to your case can differ considerably. For example, if you have an accident in your workplace, it may have happened because a hazard was not dealt with. But, it is also possible that the underlying cause was a lack of maintenance or the fact that you had not been fully trained. Whereas, if you trip over a loose paving slab it could be the city or the property owner who is responsible. Workplace injury laws would not be relevant in your case. So, hiring a lawyer that has a deep understanding of them will not help you at all. It may even hinder your case because they could end up inadvertently preparing a defense that is effective for workplace injury cases, but unlikely to succeed with yours.

Collect evidence

If you can do so, take photos, and make a note of everything you can. Witness names and contact details. As well as the numbers of the officers and paramedics who helped you. If you cannot take photos of the scene, ask a friend to do it for youpage1image3362459456

Start an accident diary

As soon as you can, start an accident diary. Ideally, on the day, you had your accident. Write down what you can remember about the actual incident. Then mentally go over what you did that day. You are not likely to need this information, but, occasionally it can prove useful. Silly things like making a note of what you were wearing can help too. It can, for example, make it easier to pick you out on street camera footage.

Keep your receipts

Keep a note of all of your out of pocket expenses. Be sure to keep the receipts too. It is also a good idea to hang on to your payslips for as long before the accident as possible. It is all potential evidence of your losses.


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