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How to Run a Background Check on a Potential Employee

How to Run a Background Check on a Potential Employee

Background checks have long stood as a pivotal component of the recruitment process. Can you imagine hiring someone without knowing about their history? You’d not only be risking the safety of your company but employee wellbeing too.

Employers hold stacks of sensitive information, which, if accessed by the wrong person can be exploited for illicit gain. This in itself offers enough of an incentive to vet prospective employees, to ensure they’re trustworthy and able to comply with company policy.

And even when a new employee isn’t a threat to company security, you’ll need to work out whether they’ll fit with company culture and add value to your business operations. Making suboptimal hiring decisions can be the difference between success and failure.

The cost of locating, training and interviewing new talent can eat into a company’s budget. However, these costs can be reduced by embracing the correct screening procedures, where background checks will indicate the suitability of prospective workers.

Outsource to a Professional 

There are some excellent screening companies on the market that specialize in processing vast swathes of information. By leveraging the help of one of the top 5 background check websites, you’ll benefit from increased accuracy and efficiency. 

Working with a professional offers maximum reassurance, especially as it eradicates the chance you’ll view data that violates either state or federal law.

Follow the Law

There are some legal requirements you must adhere to when conducting background checks. Your applicant will probably have to complete a legal release form to start.

Additionally, you must let the person know their rights, provide a copy of the report in question and discuss any adverse action communications.

Locate Patterns

When evaluating your candidate you should address patterns in the information sourced. By addressing positive and negative patterns you can more effectively evaluate your applicant. This approach will avoid you being swayed by isolated incidents, where too often a single bad act can deter organizations from putting faith in workers who are otherwise a perfect fit.

Defining measures should extend beyond a single good or bad act. A much better approach is to look for consistent patterns of behavior that help you to form an accurate impression of the person you’re considering hiring.

Be Consistent

Follow a consistent procedure where each and every candidate is assessed in the same way. A standardized approach will ensure fairness, where the same searches and investigations are run regardless of the case in hand.

However, it’s not uncommon for different levels of investigations to be run (according to the job role at hand). What’s most important is creating a level of uniformity when hiring for the same job title, something which will help you avoid being tarred with the discrimination brush.

Be Thorough

Running a background check means assessing a broad spectrum of information. By evaluating as much information as possible you can make a well-informed decision when choosing the right applicant for the job.

Be certain to assess things like criminal history, education, employment, driving history, social media and more. By doing so you can create an accurate profile of the person in question.

You should avoid using a single criterion to select the right candidate for a position. Companies commonly lose great candidates by only assessing one specific item. You should also avoid premature judgment based on previous criminal charges, especially when you’re dealing with either a minor offense or an incident that happened a long time ago.

If you do you might be the target of an Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) investigation.

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