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How to Safely Engage in Outdoor Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Safely Engage in Outdoor Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To keep yourself safe from coronavirus, social distancing is essential. This means you should limit contact with people and stay away from gatherings.

But social distancing doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy outdoor activities. You can, but you need to be a bit creative. Here are ideas on how to have a great outdoors time in this testy period:

1.     Be Close to Nature

Social distancing doesn’t oblige you to stay indoors. You can get out and explore nature. This is the best way of being out and still managing to be 6 feet away from other people. So find a place that isn’t crowded, breathe fresh air, and immerse yourself in the world surrounding, and observe the things you may have missed before.

If you live near an RV park with a great outdoor space, now is a fantastic time to visit. While many packs have closed, some parks in Oregon and other states still remain open. Like the Silver Spur RV Park near Salem, Oregon are still open. Check out there website and call ahead to get more details.

2.     Walking

Even if for some reason you can walk far, taking a simple stroll outdoors is fantastic for your mental and physical health. Besides, it is one of the few physical activities that you can do anywhere – you can take a walk through your garden or a hiking trail in the park. 

3.     Running

Go for a secluded run. Yes, you can still work out – as long as you maintain a distance from others. Exercise, like regular runs, will clear your mind and bolster your immune system.

4.     Fishing

If you want a calming activity or gentle break from the current endless cycle of alarming news, look to fishing. Fishing is a slow, easy, and delightful activity that will calm your mind. Besides, by being out in the sun for an extended period, you’ll get Vitamin D from the sun which will do wonders for your immunity, bones, and skin.

5.     Nature Photography

Photography is an excellent way to manage stress and gain an appreciation of your environment. Most professional and amateur photographers agree that immersing yourself in nature, admiring its beauty, and taking photographs, has a distinct relaxing effect. And, you don’t need professional photography gear to reap the benefits, even a Smartphone or a simple digital camera can do the trick. 

6.     Birdwatching

Birdwatching is a meditative activity that requires patience and alertness. But essentially, it provides you with an opportunity to spend time outdoors and gives you a peek into the fascinating life of the wildlife around you.  So get your binoculars and birdwatching map, and then head out to the park or even your backyard. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll see when you take time to observe. 

Here is what you should keep in mind as you head out to the park:

Adhere to the Official Guidelines

Just because you’re in the outdoors doesn’t mean you should ignore the recommendations of health and local government officials. Avoid crowded areas and whenever you encounter other adventurers, ensure you keep the appropriate distance. Additionally, carry a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean at all times.

Avoid Crowded Parks

Community spread is a big concern during these times, so seek outdoor areas that insist on social distancing.

Limit Touch Points

Being outdoors is a fantastic way of relieving stress in these turbulent times, but you still need to limit exposure opportunities. Limit your travel companions to your immediate household; don’t carry along all your friends. Also, avoid making frequent stops at stores and shops on your way. Stock up enough for your stay, hop in the car, get in the park, enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities, and head back home.

Stay Close to Home

With ever-shifting closures and local and state mandates, it’s prudent to take trips to parks that are closer to home. This may mean visiting a nearby trail or park, or it can even be simply taking a quick walk in your neighborhood. Visiting a local park can be a huge relief from the countless hours spent indoors. Avoid crowds and be smart when deciding the places you’ll visit.

Be Aware of Shutdowns

Is the park still open? Does your state still allow overnight stays in RV parks? Do your due diligence and plan before you head out.During these tough times, staying inside and lazing on the couch may seem like your only option. But self-isolation doesn’t translate to drawing your blinds and hiding at home. With a few responsible practices, you can get to enjoy nature and keep off the dreaded cabin fever.

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