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How To Satisfy Your Customer’s Curiosity

How To Satisfy Your Customer’s Curiosity

Too many marketers will begrudgingly add content marketing to their strategy, ticking a box instead of really appreciating the holistic value content adds to a brand and its audience. Unlike other marketing initiatives, your content contributes to your SEO strategy while also adding long term branding value. Your content can (and should) illustrate to customers who you are, why you are different, and why they need your product or service. This is where the fun really starts, so let’s establish how you can reach more customers through content.

Diversify your content formats

Your content strategy goes well beyond sprucing up your About Us page. By using the digital marketing agency, Digital Next, you’ll find a content strategy created that encompasses many content formats which yield high engagement. These are typically how-to’s, listicles, guides, long form, tutorials, myth busting – and anything that will frame your product or service as solving a problem or providing a benefit. Take this opportunity to flesh out your brand values within your blog pages, and build a reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry space your brand operates in.

Find the best distribution channels

Outreach can be a great option for brands looking to increase their backlinks and ranking, while social media can be the right platforms for those with a large following. Test your content across a range of distributions channels, and see what drives the greatest engagement and double your efforts in that space. Refrain from assigning a large spend in any direction until you have tapped into the best possible channel.

Mine your reviews for gold

Your customer reviews serve more purpose than you think. If analysed correctly, you can actually put strong content themes out, and build out a strategy accordingly. Perhaps a review highlights their delight in the product, but was unsure at what time of the day it is best to use. Centre a guide or a how-to piece of content around just that. If they’re not sure how to take care of the item, write a listicle of the steps involved to maintain the product. If you are noticing that your FAQ’s and reviews are targeting the same areas, this is a great place to start.

Photos and videos are content too

A healthy mix of content types will always keep your customers engaged. This includes written, photo and video content that can illuminate your product benefits. You can barely wade through YouTube without seeing a tutorial for something, so explore this with your offering. You can also use GIF’s and animation to give your content another boost, but don’t stray too far from your initial goals. If you are deploying a mix of the three, remember to give your photos and videos accurate and keyword-rich descriptions so they can rank.

Ask your audience what they want more of

In previous years you wouldn’t dream of asking your customers what they want to see, as the channel to do so was usually a clunky survey. This is no longer the case. Most savvy businesses will use the ‘Ask Me Something’ feature on their Instagram story so they can start a dialogue with their audience about their thoughts, ideas and opinions. We can also see this increasing in eDM content. If you’re nervous getting started, run a competition so that you are awarding the efforts of your audience, and ask for their honest feedback. As business owners, we tend to have tunnel vision so placing customers under the spotlight may be more enlightening than you think.

The beauty of content is that it has many faces, all of which you can explore and experiment with during the life cycle of your brand. It’s important to not simply mirror what your competitors are doing, and devise a content strategy that speaks to your unique offering and the unique customers you are trying to reach.

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