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How to select an online math tutor for your child?

How to select an online math tutor for your child?

Finding the perfect math tutor tutor for your kid can seem to be a tedious job. With the hundreds of tutors available, this choice can be quite troublesome.

If your kid is having problems with math, an online tutor can indeed be a good option but only if you can find the correct tutor. Often parents cannot give the required time and help the child with his studies and this problem can be efficiently solved with a tutor tutor.

If you are having trouble making the choice, consider these 6 questions. These 6 questions guide you in selecting a perfect online math tutor.

1.   Will my kid enjoy studying via an online tutor?

Though this largely depends on your child, usually a professional and high-quality math tutor is adept at making the child focus and enjoy it at the same time. Often if the kid is struggling with math, he would most likely not be having fun with it at school. The tutor must make online sessions a positive and fun experience.

Mostly, a kid struggles with math because his IQ may be lower and he may not be able to take in the instructions. Look for tutors that deliver concepts in easy and interesting ways. If the tutor can turn studies into games, it will be more of a fun activity for the child.

Nowadays, children are quite comfortable with tablets and mobile phones. A study revealed that kids who use online gadgets instead of books for studies show better results. Checking out a demo is a good idea. If you get bored with the tutor, there are full chances that your child will as well.

2.   Will a live tutor keep a track of my child’s progress?

The best online math tutor uses both online analytics and human interaction to determine a child’s progress and hence follow the best assistance plan. Computer programs alone cannot do this. They cannot find out how a child arrived at an answer.

You must look for an online solution that employs qualified instructors who will personally monitor your child’s progress each day. If the tutor provides parent insights, it is even better. You can also discuss your child’s growth personally with the teacher.

3.   Will my child’s strengths, weaknesses and goals be taken into account?

The main drawback of the traditional schooling system is that all kids receive the same lessons irrespective of their interests and abilities. This problem must be overcome by an online tutor. The tutor should frame plans and worksheets according to how your child learns best.

The tutor can first conduct a skill assessment to see where your child stands and then work on them accordingly. For instance, if a kid suffers problems with understanding word problems, the tutor must be able to pay extra emphasis on those.

4.   Is the tutor only for those who are facing problems with math?

Not all students need help, some just need to sharpen their skills. Some children may be experts and need something more challenging than the class assigned homework.

You must look for a tutor that not only helps the kids to master difficult concepts but also allows them to enhance their skills.

5.   The cost?

An ideal math tutor will be cost-effective as compared to an at-home human tutor and significantly less expensive compared to a group tutoring center. In order to make the tutor less expensive, often ads are used to generate revenue. These ads are distracting and shouldn’t disturb your child while studying.

The tutor must also not sell your personal data in order to make money. So, look for such an tutor which is considerably inexpensive, and doesn’t provide too many ads in between lessons.

6.   Will it fit my child’s schedule?

The tutor must allow the lessons to be saved for offline viewing as well. This way, the kid will not be able to give excuses such as he was travelling and did not have an internet connection. If the tutor is compatible with multiple devices and web browsers, then it is even better.

Can eTutorWorld solve my problems?

eTutorWorld is an online tutoring solution which employs only expert tutors to teach your child. It provides curated tests and personalized worksheets which the child can access anytime, from anywhere. It also allows regular counselling and mentoring sessions both with the child and the parent. Thus, eTutorWorld can be an ideal solution to all your kid’s math problems!

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