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How to Self-Diagnose The Start of an Addiction

How to Self-Diagnose The Start of an Addiction

Addiction is still a sort of taboo subject because addicts are still marginalized by the society, which tends to have a lot of conceptions regarding how an addict looks like and how they behave. Addicts lie a lot and rarely acknowledge their problem with substance abuse which gives birth to the question how can you tell if you are addicted to something or you just like it very much. Rehabilitation professionals from Suboxone Treatments Clinic give some common signs you might be addicted.

You keep doing it despite the negative consequences

One of the main red flags when it comes to addiction is the fact you keep doing something which has clear negative consequences for your life. It might be substance abuse or an abusive partner, either way, if you return to something harmful over and over again, it’s a sign of addiction. This happens because the brain of an addict doesn’t perceive the negative consequences as being negative, in order to justify the addiction.

Shifting priorities

When you become addicted, the object of your addiction becomes your entire life. This makes you give up on activities which don’t involve the object of your addiction, gradually making you more and more alone. For example, alcohol addicts often refuse to attend events where there is no drinking involved, in the favor of staying at home and drinking.

Withdrawal symptoms

Another major sign of addiction is the withdrawal. When you are addicted to something and you try to quit suddenly, you will experience withdrawal symptoms which include anxiety, depression, irritability and many more. This happens because your body needs time to adjust with the absence of a certain substance or a certain state, in the case of psychological addictions. The severity of withdrawal symptoms and their length range from a couple of days to several months, depending on the substance and time you’ve been an addict. Addicts requires professional support to quit, as the process of going sober is long and tough.

You need more and more to satisfy your addiction

When you are addicted to a substance you need more and more of it, as the level of tolerance raises. In time, the same amount of substance is not able to give you the same amount of happiness. So, you get more drugs, to gain the same happiness you once got from smaller doses. The problem is most addicts have a hard time keeping track of the amount of drugs they use, so in most cases it’s members of their family or friends who realize they need more drugs as time goes by.

You start telling lies to cover your addiction

Addicts always come up with excuses for their addiction, so they will start telling lies to their concerned family and friends. This also happens because you want to cover the fact you depend on a drug or activity from your family. Denial is part of addiction – the moment you realize you have a problem it’s the moment you start your trip towards rehabilitation.


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