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How to Sell Items Online

How to Sell Items Online

Doing a spring clean and want to get rid of some of that extra clutter? Maybe you should consider selling some of your unwanted items online locally. You may not even have to spend money shipping out heavy items such as furniture, as local residents will be able to pick it up from your home. Selling items online on free classified ad websites can make you a little extra cash for only a little effort.

If you are interested in selling some extra items online, here is a how-to guide to do so!

Decide what items you’d like to sell and set a price

First of all, you will need to go through your items and see what other people will be interested in. Good examples of items to sell are clothing, shoes, video games, furniture and more. You may even have something that is a limited edition and has extra value, for example, branded shoes sell really well even if they are second hand. It is a good idea to search for the items you are selling to see the value that others are selling them online. Matching the value will ensure that you are pricing your items competitively and you are more likely to secure a buyer. You may even decide to put your price slightly lower just so that you are the cheapest price on the internet and you can interest potential buyers even more.

Find a website to list your item

There are plenty of free classified websites that you can list your item on. A quick google search comes up with a number of websites, such as, Craigslist and Gumtree, to name a few. It is easy to sign up and you just need to fill in the registration form. Once you have done that you will be able to post your item’s ad straight away for the public to see.

Give your items a compelling description and picture

If you want buyers to be interested in your item, it is a good idea to give it an interesting description, including the condition of the item and how you would like to deliver the item to buyers, whether you will ship it or you want it to be a pick-up only. If you are selling clothing, you should include the brand and also the size of the item clearly so that your buyers will be able to see it quickly and click on your item. You should also include a high-quality image of the item that shows off the item well on a clear background, without distractions.

Respond to messages from potential buyers

Once your item has been listed for some time, you will likely receive messages from interested buyers. They may come at you with a counteroffer to your original listing, so be prepared to haggle. If you have more than one person contacting you about the item, you may have a bit more leverage with the pricing, but if there doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest, it may be a good idea to settle for a lower offer in order to have a good chance of selling the item.

Ship the item or wait for the buyer to pick up the item

Depending on what you have discussed with the buyer, you will either need to ship your item or arrange for the item to be picked up. If you are shipping the item, it is a good idea to pay for tracked shipping and give the buyer a tracking number, so that they are aware of the item’s location. This will also give you extra protection if the package ends up lost along the way. If you are arranging a pickup, make sure that you are comfortable with giving the buyer your home address and arrange a time for the item to be picked up, it is as easy as that.

It is really that simple and you could be making some extra cash in no time. There is really no reason to let your unwanted items lay around your house collecting dust. Listing your items online for sale can be a really profitable venture and you’d be surprised as to how much money you could make and how simple it is!


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