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How to Set up a Home Bar: Step by Step Guide

How to Set up a Home Bar: Step by Step Guide

You prefer beer and cider to other drinks, enjoy spending evenings in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, have enough free time and sufficient financial resources ­so, why not set up your own bar? Running a home bar is a real adventure and a unique possibility to obtain unusual experience. You can run your business for your own pleasure and to entertain your friends and neighborhoods, or you can grow your home bar into something bigger and begin to earn a decent income from your favorite business.

How to Set up a Home Bar

It is obvious that running a home bar is not easy, and it demands a lot of time and effort. However, the most difficult part is a start because it is important to make a solid base for your business. Therefore, pay attention to all preparation activities and be ready to explore the new sphere in detail, from glycol chillers types to beer tap handles for sale.

There are some necessary steps you should follow to set up a home bar:

  • Define your goals
  • Decide on the place 
  • Consider the peculiarities of the legislation related to brewing in your region
  • Make a business plan 
  • Develop the concept of your bar 
  • Select necessary equipment and supplies

When you finally decide on the bar project, it is time to choose the best technical tools. It is important to focus on the selection of professional equipment because the quality of your instruments has an impact on the effectiveness and productivity of your business. 

The main component of a successful home bar is a high quality of drinks. So, you should buy special equipment for beer brewing, which includes:

  • Beer bottling instruments 
  • Stainless steel beer brewing kettles, pots, and kegs
  • Beer fermenting tools
  • Beer mash tuns
  • Brewing accessories 
  • Draft beer tools
  • Flaps and fittings
  • Water filters and parts
  • Stainless steel reservoirs
  • Fermenter glycol chillers

It is important to select equipment specifically for home-brewing because it differs from commercial production.


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