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How to Set Up A PEPPOL Access Point

How to Set Up A PEPPOL Access Point

No matter where you run your business, there will be times when you will need to connect to the PEPPOL e-invoicing network. Connecting your business activity with Peppol will help you a lot in transacting with the other parties in your business premises.

This solution is a new topic in many areas across the globe. So, it is not surprising that there are a lot of companies who are oblivious to the best practices and procedures regarding this.

To deliver or accept e-invoices , you will need to set up a PEPPOL Access Point first.

There are basically two methods to apply it. The first one is to work together with the regional authority who has the right to regulate the process. The second way is to set up the Access Point independently.

Galaxy Gateway offers you the facilities to help your business to achieve this accreditation. This is an important element when setting up the Access Point of e-invoicing for your business.

Without further ado, here are the steps to take to become a Certified Peppol Access Point (AP) provider.

Step 1 – Register

You will need to become a member of OpenPEPPOL first… Go to the official PEPPOL website and ask for the membership form to fill. You may need to put your sign in for your identity confirmation. Then send the form to Peppol email. The officials will let you know if you are approved.

Step 2- Check the PEPPOL Authority

Ideally, you will need to sign with your national PEPPOL Authority. If you cannot find any authority in your country, you could pick OpenPEPPOL Membership instead. You could also contact Galaxy Gateway to help you out with the process.

Step 3 – Document registration delivery

Send your business or company registration document to your PEPPOL Authority. Make sure to capture all of the Agreement and Annexes into one file for easy checking.

Step 4 – PKI Test Certificate

In this phase, your PEPPOL authority will review your application. In the next step, you will need to participate in a PKI test Peppol certificate request via the PEPPOL Service Desk.

Step 5 – PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications

There is one thing that people often miss when getting accreditation for their PEPPOL AP. It is the BIS – Business Interoperability Specifications. Read the specifications and comprehend every single point of it before proceeding. These specs will need to be available in your business.

Step 6 – Comprehend E- Delivery Network Specs

Make sure to understand the Peppol e-delivery network specs including the SMP, SML, as well as the Policy for Use of Identifiers so that the AP can be implemented appropriately…

Step 7 – AP Implementation

The next step is getting real . To implement the Peppol Access Point ,you can independently use open – source AS2 implementation software . But it is going to be complex and costly because you need to do it from scratch by yourself …

Or , you could take the easy way by getting the Access POint software solution from Galaxy Gateway… They can help you to build your own AP implementation .

Step 8 – OpenPEPPOL Acceptance Test

In this step , you will need to conduct the acceptance – test through OpenPEPPOL . The test documentation is available on the PEPPOL official site .

Step 9 -Request Production PKI Certificate

Request the Production PKI Certificate through the Peppol services desk .

Step 10 – Using your certificate

It is time to download the certification and enter it to your business .

Some aspects to consider

Getting the certification can be time consuming and difficult. Here are some tips that you can consider to get your business e-invoicing on the right track.

The costs of subscription

Joining OpenPEPPOL requires the membership costs to use its facilities. The membership has the upfront fee in the registration plus the subscription on an annual basis. The price detail can be different depending on the services you choose.

The demands of your business

Setting up the service provider should be aligned with scalability and upgradability. As you have achieved PEPPOL accreditation, you will want to make sure that the model that you use can scale up to answer increasing demand. The solution that you take for your business should be scalable enough with the increasing volumes of the workload.

Where to host

Hosting platforms Should be resourceful and reliable in order to meet the client’s requirements.

Safety is paramount . Therefore, you will want to use a reliable hosting service that offers the top-notch providers.

It is imperative to familiarize the system with your clients, without structuring the system from zero each time. The API should be fixed so that it won’t tamper with the workflows and collaborations. It is also important to document the API to make it more comprehensive and accessible to all authorities .

The staff should also be ready with the new systems.

Maintenance and Support

Just like the other system, OpenPEPPOL also routinely conducts updates at least twice a year. Those who are participating in the membership of OpenPeppol should implement the updates within a week after the release. It is crucial to get updated with the newer version of OpenPEPPOL to make your company or business stay relevant.

You need to keep posted on the changes to keep the status of accreditation. You will also expect to change and set your API sometime in the future. But you don’t need to worry since Galaxy Gateway will offer you the Access Point solution to keep it updated and relevant. They offer the most updated and secure API-based solution on the market.

There is also an obligation for all Accredited Peppol Access Points. They will need to report the volume and other data to OpenPeppol.

The timeline

Your own Access Point will take some time to build. Gaining accreditation is one of the most difficult jobs that will take more time. The timeline should be effective and efficient for your business premises. There will be tasks like management costs, implementation, and so on.

With the help of Galaxy Gateway, it could be running in only a few days. So, there is no need to wait for months or even years to have your own Peppol Access Point. Contact Galaxy Gateway now to consider your possible options.

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