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Compensation claims take time to process. There are 135.6 million employees covered by workers’ compensation laws in the US. Every state, except Texas, is required to have adequate insurance that provides coverage in the event of an accident.

If you’re injured it’s imperative that you speed up that compensation claim. Let’s learn more about how to speed up a worker’s compensation claim.

Seek Professional Help

There were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries in the last twelve months. Many of these cases would have never led to any form of compensation.

Why is this case?

A lack of education is responsible for this. Workers often don’t know where to turn or what they need when they’re injured. Either they try to do it by themselves or they don’t make any claims at all.

That’s why you should always seek out a professional attorney to help you claim personal injury compensation.

Have All the Information Available

The Missouri Department of Labor estimates that about 5% of worker’ compensation cases go to trial. This is when a settlement isn’t possible, or the case isn’t clear.

Naturally, this can slow down your claim by months, and even years. The more information you have available the higher the chance that your employer will settle without a fight.

To speed your case up you should have:

·Accident reports.

·Medical reports.


Keep a Link between Your Attorney and Your Doctor

Not many people believe that there’s a relationship between your doctor and your attorney, other than filing a report. But your doctor is extremely important.

Make sure your lawyer is receiving regular updates from your doctor. You should also demonstrate that you’re carrying out the instructions of your doctor.

Workers’ compensation settlements have been reduced in the past because the defendant managed to prove that an injured worker wasn’t following his or her rehabilitation program.

Beware of What You Post on Social Media

Employers have been known to monitor the social media accounts of their employees in cases like this. Avoid mentioning the injury on social media.

Whether it’s to downplay the severity of the injury or to exaggerate its effects, your public updates can be used against you to either get your case thrown out or to reduce the size of the settlement.

Let the Case Play Out

Workers’ compensation claims are notoriously slow and laborious. Sadly, there’s little you can do about this. The best option you have is to make sure that you don’t slow the case down.

So, don’t post about the injury on social media, listen to your doctor, and make sure you get as many reports and as much paperwork as possible.

The goal isn’t to speed up your case but to avoid slowing it down.

Last Word – Look for a Professional Attorney Today

Take your time and consult with an attorney. They’re there to help and they will ensure that nothing slows down the progress of your case.

It’s the best way to get the compensation you rightly deserve.

Have you recently suffered an injury at work?


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