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How to Stage Your Brooklyn Home for Quick Sale

How to Stage Your Brooklyn Home for Quick Sale

The Brooklyn Bridge is a 21-minute subway ride from Times Square, and many Big Apple residents decide to put down roots in Brooklyn due to its convenient location. 1,500 apartments were sold in Brooklyn between April and June of this year, according to Corcoran Inhabit, and it’s safe to say that apartments with appealing staging were snapped up first. Homes that are properly staged have significant visual impact and such homes sell 73 percent faster than those that aren’t staged. If you’re planning on selling your own Brooklyn home, these staging tips will make it easier to take advantage of the current high demand for homes in the area.

Get rid of clutter

Plenty of people are shopping for Brooklyn real estate, whether they’ve been granted approval for mortgages or plan to pay for properties with cold, hard cash. There are many ways to finance the acquisition of properties nowadays, so real estate buyers are often able to get exactly what they want, even when their credit ratings aren’t the best. To lure in these motivated buyers, you should de-clutter your home. Take away bric-a-brac, piles of books and anything else that detracts from the “bones” of the property. When you get rid of clutter, you’ll visually enlarge the space. Buyers want to live in properties that feel spacious.

Paint dark walls and ceilings white

A fresh coat of white paint works wonders. If your home has dark walls and/or ceilings, be sure to lighten them up with white paint. While dark walls and ceilings can be undeniably chic, they do make rooms appear smaller. If walls are painted in bright colors, rather than dark tones, you should be aware that these bright shades may have a little too much personality for most home buyers, so consider painting bright walls white, too. Fresh white walls and ceilings make properties look brighter, and serve as the perfect backdrop for modern, attractive furnishings. With a white palette, you’ll attract the most prospective buyers.

Remove old-fashioned furnishings

Real antiques can stay, provided they’re beautiful, but old-fashioned furnishings which are less than attractive should be removed. For best staging results, keep it simple. Modern sofas and chairs generally add the most visual appeal to spaces. Once you’ve gotten rid of old-fashioned furnishings that detract from the look of the home, it’ll be easier for prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in the space. Accessorize with classic touches, such as vases of fresh flowers and high-quality cushions, but avoid displaying items that are dated.

Proper staging is vital for quick sale, even when a home is situated in an area that attracts a lot of buyers. When you de-clutter, give walls and ceiling a coat of white paint and remove dated furnishings, you’ll be staging like the pros do. You’ll be ready to show your Brooklyn home with confidence and get the best price for your property.

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