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How to Stay Calm and Healthy While Studying for an Online Accountant Degree

How to Stay Calm and Healthy While Studying for an Online Accountant Degree

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Studying for anything can be tough, but when it’s a career you have been working towards for a long time, the stakes can seem really high. Add to that the pressures of staying motivated and keeping your health and fitness on point while studying at home, and getting your accounting degree online can be a challenge that requires a lot from you!

With the right strategies and approaches however, you can stay healthy and avoid study stress while you work towards your online masters in accounting.

Here are some tips:

Don’t Become a Shut In!

It can be tempting to think you need to shut yourself away and cram. However, this is more likely to make you feel isolated and jaded, and many people who take this approach find they end up spending more time procrastinating on the internet or watching Netflix than actually working, making them feel even worse.

Instead, make sure you keep up on your social life (without over-committing), and make the effort to go outside for a while every day, even just for a walk to a café or to sit in the park.


Exercise has been shown to be good for your brain and will give you a lift that will keep you going for your next round of studying for your masters in accounting.

Depending on your current fitness level, you can simply take a brisk walk, go for a run, hit the gym, or if none of those sound appealing, simply do one of the many free exercise videos on YouTube while taking a break. There is everything from yoga to kickboxing and Zumba to high intensity intervals, so you are sure to find something you’ll find fun and suitable for your level.


The odd all-nighter when you are trying to finish an important part of your course won’t do any harm in the long run, however if you are doing this regularly and relying on coffee, energy drinks or supplements to keep you going, this can begin to have a negative effect. If you find it hard to go straight from studying to sleeping, fit in an hour before bed where you do something relaxing, whether it’s reading (a novel, not your textbooks!), watching something fun, playing a game or chatting to a friend.

Eat Properly

Cooking may be the last thing you want to do in the middle of a study session, but you can always find healthy options even if you resort to takeaways or pre-made meals from the store.

Snacks are also an area where students can fall down in terms of nutrition and end up gaining unwanted weight as well as feeling sluggish. Rather than overdosing on chocolate and chips, keep these as a treat and go for healthier snacks like fruit or seeds. Unbuttered popcorn can also be a healthier option.

By following these tips and taking care of yourself, you can feel strong, calm and productive during your accounting course.


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