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How to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

How to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

Research estimates that the current generation of teens spends an average of 9 hours per day consuming all sorts of online content. In a 24 hours cycle, spending 9 hours on the screen means you’re dedicating more than one-third of the day online. From social media to various news, podcasts, and meme pages, the online world is abundant with distractions that keep us away from work, studies, and experiencing life in the real world. So how do we stop wasting our time on the internet and focus on making our online activities more productive and free from distractions?

Top ways to stop wasting time on the Internet

We access the internet both indoor and outdoor, in fact, around 48 percent of global internet traffic was dedicated to mobile devices which means there’s barely any difference in the amount of time we spend online at home or out on the street. Here are some of the most effective ways to reduce unproductive online activities.

Use special software to reduce access to block specific sites

There is a series of useful software solutions you could use to restrict access to certain websites. Block Site, per example, is a free Chrome extension that you can use to create a list of websites you want to distance yourself from. One of the key features of this piece of software is that you can set timeframes during which the access to these sites is restricted. This way, you can keep your essay, thesis or dissertation writing process unspoiled by meaningless browsing through 9gag memes or some other distraction.

Other useful software solutions include StayFocusd, which is also a browser extension dedicated to limit access to pages that can interfere with your work or simply take too much of your time. The list of similar products that can help you quit wasting time online includes a long list of software:

  • Nanny
  • K9 Web Protection
  • InterGuard
  • Barracuda, etc.

Have a Work-Only Computer

One of the top ways to distance yourself from any kind of online activity is to have a computer that has no online access and serves only for work. Alternatively, you could set up a work profile on your computer that has no internet access. Keeping your work data offline is also a good security measure. Apart from holding you focused on work, if someone hacks into your network, keeping your work data offline could be one of the best tips you’ve taken from this article. Studies show that working without interruptions increases productivity and reduces the number of mistakes by half. In addition, the results of the study also show that programmers take about 15 minutes to start working again after being interrupted. If you multiply the average number of interruptions per day, it’s easy to see how much time goes wasted on restarting your work.

Disable all notifications

Facebook messages, Instagram notifications, new email signals, retweets, these are all small distractions that can end up with you wasting time online instead of focusing on what really matters like work or outdoor activities. A study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University showed that people who disable notifications on their mobile devices show higher productivity and less stress. In addition, the study participants also reported that they had an easier time focusing on their desktop work. Others, however, missed some important messages and alerts, therefore, make sure you use this tip when it’s really necessary.

Our world is full of digital information; the online community is vast and holds all kinds of useful data that can help us in our work and studies. However, there is a mass of useless content that serves as nothing more than a distraction that abducts our time and makes us forget about more important matters in life that await us beyond the network. If we manage our time properly, we can be productive, we can have fun, and be satisfied with both.


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