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How To Supercharge Growth With Social Media Giveaway

How To Supercharge Growth With Social Media Giveaway

Let’s have a look at these statistics:

  • You can speed up growth by up to 70% with running social media giveaways.
  • For less than seven days, the majority of social media giveaways run.  

Instagram from social media platforms has lots of active users regularly. With Instagram, you can post photos and videos on your account to grab the attention of targeted followers.

Apart from that, can you imagine any other white hat growth strategy with lots of power?

Do you know the reason why giveaways and sweepstakes have become famous on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

However, it is a sad reality that lots of brands devastate their expansion by making them worsening to follow up. Surely a giveaway can boost the follower as well as engagement expansion. If you want to make those numbers in for the long term, then you have to do the work.

Here you will see how to cover everything that ought to be doing and are not. 

Use Sponsored Posts for Better Reach and Targeting 

To run a giveaway, you can have two main reasons: 

It depends on your goals while choosing a strategy. However, keep in mind that it is always worthy of sponsoring your giveaway post. Here is the reason: 

In case if you want to grab more followers, sponsoring and promoting posts definitely make sense. 

Respond and Make Relationships with Contest Participants 

Definitely, you would be familiar with the significance of real engagement. You can run the contest to get more likes and follows. That way, you can see the growth of your account day by day. But that growth will not last long as it will not be coming from people that truly care about you and your brand. In this way, you will not get genuine engagement, conversions, and sales. When you don’t get real followers, your sales will not get grow, because those followers will not buy from you. 

Risk Management for Social Media Giveaways and Sweepstakes 

Social media changed everything drastically for marketers. Now, brands and customers come closer than any other thing. It can increase the brand risk and can facilitate marketing as well. 

That’s why lots of businesses keep on asking about the exposure. How can they have fun-made, original campaigns without risking their reputation and brand safety? 

Make sure that you have got the legal things sort out. Each country rules online giveaways differently, and some local regions as well. 

So, how would you pick up a winner and finish up the giveaway? 

You understand that most of the social media giveaways stay open for a few days only. However, it would be best if you make sure that sharing updates and approaching the contest all over that precise window, to increase the participation and reach.

Also, use all the social media tips at your removal. And run a live contest on your Facebook or Instagram Stories. You can even share your most wanted Twitter replies and add a video to your IGTV channel that can unpack the surprise.

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