How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in 2020

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in 2020

Sorry friends, but Mercury is going into retrograde three times in the year 2020

In February it goes retrograde in Pisces.

In June it goes retrograde Capricorn

In October it goes retrograde in Scorpio

Most of what we hear or read about Mercury Rx tells us things to avoid during that period, such as signing contracts or initiating business. There are, however, a few things which actually go much better when done during Mercury Rx periods.

Have a yard sale. Everyone knows that at a yard sale people exchange useless junk. Therefore, you are not really promising anything other than old white elephants – and you can expect that all your old stuff will sell to other people (who should wait until the next Mercury Rx, and then sell the junk again). 

This simply sets up a round robin of junk exchange, dear to the hearts of many people. If you plan the yard sale well, you’ll do all the set-up before Mercury turns Rx, get your ads in and up, and then, as Mercury turns or just after Mercury turns, you can set out the stuff. Make sure you are not too worried about being organized – just flow along with the confusion. You’ll find you can have a lot of fun and really let go of some of the baggage which is too good to take to the dump, but you’ll never use it again.

Use the same premise with flea markets, but only if you can restrain yourself from collecting junk from other tables. For while Mercury is Rx, you ‘ll take a fancy to that old chipped vase, only to find that it leaks just as bad as the one you sold for a quarter that morning! Actually, if you go to enjoy the fun and to exchange junk, you’ll find the flea market a wonderful place to spend a weekend while Mercury is Rx. Don’t expect to make a mint, just go to have fun and to make back the cost of the table itself. Then whatever comes, you’re ahead.

Now, speaking of fun, Mercury Rx is a super time to plan a casual get-together. While it is quite difficult to set up a formal dinner party, it does lend itself well to an unplanned amorphous party. Stick to the chips and dip kind, with everyone bringing their own whatever and you’re likely to have a good time.

Don’t look for R.S.V.P.’s, for those who say no will show up, while those who said yes will be invisible. I find the conversations the most interesting part of Mercury Rx parties. Folks may be saying what they mean at the moment – but it’s not what they would have said 2 weeks ago, nor what they will say 2 weeks from then. It really loosens up lots of fixed types – which my own cardinal bias just loves. I bet a strongly mutable person would have even more fun with this than I do.

You CAN finish things very nicely while Mercury is Rx…or so I’ve heard. I’ve only got one (geo) planet in a fixed sign, and that’s Pluto, and helio only adds one more (Mercury), so I’m not the world’s best finisher. I notice that other people finish things when Mercury is retrograde.

You don’t have to avoid travel because of Mercury Rx – if you bring a carry-on bag with a change of clothes, you will probably insure that the baggage mix-ups won’t be yours! You’re more likely to adopt a flexible attitude if you know that Mercury is Rx, for it won’t do you any good to be obsessive about the trip. 

Several of my clients have commented that they actually had a better time during these trips, for the expected delays, and were more able to take little aggravations in stride. I’ve considered telling them that if they simply assumed that Mercury was always retrograde, they might always have fun when they travel. (Not fair, not good astrology, but perhaps a less is is there somewhere?)

The best thing to do while Mercury is Rx, is RELAX. Life goes on anyway, you’ll have to make some decisions in spite of it, and you can’t afford to put your life on hold for 3 weeks. If you can stop trying to control everything in your life, your life will be easier. (This from someone with Saturn on the MC and a Capricorn Sun, just watch me say this to myself 3 times a year for three weeks at a time.) It’s only THREE WEEKS! Have fun with it.

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