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How to Take Advantage of Virtual Numbers for SMS

How to Take Advantage of Virtual Numbers for SMS

First and foremost, we have to define a virtual phone number for SMS. It is a unique phone number that is designed to send or receive SMS and even voice messages. It allows your business to receive and reply to incoming SMS from your email. Aside from that, it is a highly effective and efficient tool for verification especially if you are the kind of person who is used to signing up for multiple offers or webinars on the Internet.

Virtual SMS numbers are also called disposable SMS numbers. The very reason for this is the fact that they are most useful in the signing up process. We know that in these days of technological advancement, different websites are asking for your phone number to send verification or confirmation codes. And giving your real phone number is definitely a risky step to take. You might not be aware of it, but hackers and scammers are intelligent individuals that can sip through your private details using only your phone number.

An online virtual number is the most effective way of avoiding and eliminating fraudulent activities online or better known as cybercrimes. It is designed to protect your sensitive information from being stolen. Thus, providing total peace of mind. A temp SMS number or permanent is usually used by corporates as well as small and medium-scale businesses in their marketing or advertising campaigns. They know that even their businesses will not be spared from dishonest people lurking online. That is why they are also taking advantage of an online SMS number.

What are the advantages of using a virtual phone number for SMS?

Here are the advantages of having an SMS number online:

  •  SMS receive for free wherever you go. Since your SMS phone number is online, you can check your incoming messages through email. This fact provides you the option of whether to use your mobile device or computer in retrieving your SMS. 
  •  An SMS number online is the best choice in case your landline telephone is not capable of connecting cloud-based numbers. Remember that if you choose to stick to your landline phone, you are voluntarily putting a limitation on what your business can do. 
  •  One of the remarkable advantages of a virtual phone number SMS is the total flexibility and mobility it has. You can let your workers work from the comfort of their homes and still let them receive incoming messages through your online virtual number. This will not only save you a lot of money from overhead costs, but it will also save you from utilizing additional office spaces. 

Mentioned above are only just a few of the major advantages that you can get from incorporating virtual SMS numbers into your business. But let me remind you that not every service provider offers the same on the Internet. Hottelecom is one and perhaps the leading service provider that provides what it promises.

Here are the reasons why most clients – from the small, medium, and large-scale enterprises – choose us as their partners in terms of cloud-based telephony systems.

  1. 100% total protection when it comes to your privacy – this is one of the major reasons customers choose us, among others. We provide the total protection of the personal data of our clients to the point that they remain anonymous. This is particularly important because we value the privacy of our customers, putting them in a completely worry-free situation.
  1. 24/7 full customer service – unlike others, Hottelecom has a dedicated team of individuals that supports customers – answering their queries, resolving their issues and concerns, and guiding them towards a successful integration of their chosen telephony service from Hottelecom.
  1. Dependable connection – Hottelecom is fully aware that connectivity is of the utmost importance when it comes to cloud-based technology. That is why we maintain and continuously upgrade our connection to optimize our end-user experience.
  1. Over 100 methods of the payment system – at Hottelecom, we provide more than 100 ways of payment for your every purchase. You can visit our website for more details about this at And if you prefer to be anonymous at all times, we also offer cryptocurrency payments for clients that prefer total anonymity.
  1. Delegate the virtual number to your employees – once you purchase a virtual phone number from Hottelecom, you can provide the number to different employees in your organization. This means that there is no reason SMS from your customers are not read and addressed by anyone from your company.
  1. For confirmation – if required, you ask your customer to upload supporting documents that would confirm their identity and it is made possible through Hottelecom’s virtual numbers. This type of advanced feature is not available in any traditional phone service.
  1. Connection to more than 90 countries – aside from being an effective online SMS number, you also can connect to over 90 countries worldwide to enhance your company’s presence and acquire more clients and prospects across the globe.

As you see, there are countless benefits and advantages that you can enjoy once you combine an online virtual number with your communication system. It works not just as a virtual phone number for SMS alone, but it also helps you in optimizing your business presence all over the world.

There are still lots of advantages that come with a virtual phone number. But as an individual who wants to separate private life from business life, especially in communication, an SMS number online is a must.

Now that you are aware of the advantages and benefits that you can reap from a virtual phone number, it is up to you to advance your communication system. And if it seems that you are still in doubt or still have a question and other concerns, don’t hesitate to send us a message or call us. The only thing that you need to do is visit our website at and reach to us. Rest assured that our Tech Specialists will provide you the assistance and clarification you need in integrating a virtual number for your personal or business use.


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