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How to Take Good Care of Wooden Furniture

How to Take Good Care of Wooden Furniture

Maintaining and taking care of your furniture should be what amounts to one of the more difficult tasks, but it should help you keep the furniture in a good condition so that they keep serving you year after year. Here are a few tips that should help you come up with your own plans to keep your furniture in good condition. 

How to take good care of your Wooden Furniture?

Wood furniture should provide you with an excellent functionality and add a new look to your home or office. In fact, the vintage appearance that it brings, should be what makes it more appealing. However, if you want it to provide you with years of great service, you need to care for them.

However, we have several reservations when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a wooden furniture piece. The tips shared here should, perhaps, address most of your questions. 

Dust it well enough

Dusting is one of the best cleaning practices and something you are expected to undertake on a daily basis. In fact, regular dusting should help you remove the deposits that may have come with air and can form a permanent layer if not taken care of. The deposits can even tend to scratch the surface of your wooden furniture. However, ensure that you are using the right tools or dusters for the purpose. Manufacturers and dealers in Good Wood Furniture Richmond suggest using clean, dry and softer cloth for dusting purposes. You can even use commercially available dusters specifically designed for wooden furniture. 

Clean it properly

Take care with your choice of cleaning sprays. In fact, the all-purpose cleaning sprays may not be a good option as they can damage your furniture. Check out the compatibility of your furniture before making a choice. In fact, the wooden furniture with plastic coating can work best with the all-purpose sprays. Else, check the compatibility of the wood with the cleaning solution you are planning to use. In any case, please avoid cleaning wooden furniture with water. However, if you are forced to clean off some dry spots, it may be a good idea to use soapy water, and dipping a soft cloth in it and then wipe the spots with it. Never leave the water on the furniture as it can damage the wood in the long run. 

Use Furniture oils specifically meant for the purpose 

Do note that oil polishes, cleaners and furniture oils may not provide you with a good protective cover for the furniture. Avoid the oils that may have a high percentage of oiliness as it may make the wooden furniture surface look smeared and can even attract dust. If the spray you have chosen consists of silicone oil, it can be one of the best options as it tends to provide some sort of excellent protection. 

One of the best home made remedies suggests using a mixture of olive oil, denatured alcohol, gum turpentine, and strained lemon juice. This has been observed to work in an effective manner. However, it should be noted that you should wipe it off soon to avoid any sort of damage. 

Avoid exposure to sunlight 

Heavy exposure to sunlight can be detrimental to the quality of your wooden furniture. Take care that your furniture is not exposed to bright sunlight for a prolonged period of time. In fact, it can even result in a phenomenon referred to as spotting. If you are forced to use wooden furniture in an area that has bright sunlight, it can be a good option to use a good quality table cloth or similar protection. It would also be thoughtful if you avoid using extremely hot or cold items on the wooden furniture. These items can distort the material and can damage the original texture. If you need to expose the hot or cold items, make sure you do not exceed the permissible time limit. 

That was all we have with respect to the best cleaning and maintaining practices for wooden furniture. Of course, there is no standard furniture cleaning procedure that would be okay with all furniture types. In any case, make sure that you have been dusting your wooden furniture on a daily basis and clean it at least on a weekly basis. 

Follow the tips here and share your experiences with us. 

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