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How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night – Pro Tips and Tricks

How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night – Pro Tips and Tricks

Are you a busy mum that tends to do your beauty routine first thing in the morning and doesn’t necessarily have the time to remove it all and start afresh for a night out? Do you enjoy going out for date night and are looking for ways to create a more night-time appropriate look that doesn’t take you ages to achieve? If so, these pro-make-up tips will teach you how to take your look from day to night with just a few minor tweaks. You’ll feel and look amazing with very little effort required.

Touch Up Your Foundation with Powder

Because you don’t want to remove your foundation and start over, a simple trick is to just touch up with face powder. This may not be necessary for those with normal or dry skin, but those with oily skin will want to bring down the shine and make sure the makeup can last. You may also need to touch up under your eyes if dark circles are poking through. To ensure you don’t look powdery or dry, and that your makeup remains locked in place, mist with a makeup setting spray when you’re done touching up.

Give Your Cheeks More Flush

Depending on where you’re going for your night out, the lights will probably be lower. This means you can look a bit washed out. Be sure to add a bit more blush to your cheeks to give that flushed look that is very youthful and healthy. A pop of peach, coral, or pink is great a choice.

Add Sparkle to Your Eyes with Liquid Glitter

Rather than re-doing your eye makeup and starting from scratch, you can make your look more night-time appropriate by adding glitter. A liquid glitter eye shadow can be dabbed on the eye to give sparkle and create drama. You don’t need to do a thick layer; just a light wash of glitter is enough so that it catches the lights. You can choose a glitter with a clear base so your eyeshadow still comes through, or pick something with a base to completely transform your eye look.

Make Your Eyeliner More Dramatic

While on the topic of eyes, you can add more drama by adding eyeliner or thickening the liner you already have on. Winged-eyeliner is going to give you the most drama, but some find this a bit tricky to achieve. You can simply smudge a thicker liner across the base of your eyelashes and forget all the hassle of the wing.

Change Your Lippie – Choose Something Bold

The final step will be to change your lippie, and night-time is perfect for the bold and dramatic lip. To pull this lip look off, you’ll need to use a coordinating lip liner to keep things clean, so be sure to have one on hand.

These tips will ensure that your makeup looks put together, beautiful and fresh no matter what time of day or night it is.

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