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How to Teach Your Kids Manners

How to Teach Your Kids Manners

You may have come across kids that are not well mannered. Having children comes with a lot of responsibility. As a parent, it is important to learn how to train your kids to be what you want them to be. You want them to have the best and be the best at what they do. At times, you are at a loss on what to do. Parenting takes a lot of learning and adjusting. The most important part of parenting is teaching your kids good manners. This goes a long way into building their characters as well as their future. Here are a few ways on how to teach your kids manners.

  1. Say please and thank you

Many kids grow up with a sense of entitlement. You do not want this for your kids. Let them know that they have to be grateful for whatever they get. This is important as it shapes them to learn gratitude towards other people’s efforts. Learning how to say thank you is important too. If you get them new toys, let them say thank you as there are many other things that you could have done with the money. You can inculcate this by withdrawing the privilege if they do not use the words please and thank you.  Also you can show them the “please and thank you song” and get it stuck in their head.

  1. Teach them to excuse themselves

Your children should know how to excuse themselves when they want to do something. They need to know how to behave when they want to do something like using the bathroom. The phrase is also good if they want to leave the table. This can be done with persistence. You need to ensure that every time they want to leave the table before everyone else they use the words. These molds appropriate behavior. For older kids, teach them to excuse themselves when they have a call.

  1. Sharing

As soon as they are two, let your kids learn how to share. We say that sharing is caring. This is why it is important for your kids to learn this. The best part about it is that they no longer have to fight for toys or a blanket or a pet. They will as well learn to take turns when playing. This teaches them how to take care of each other’s feelings. This goes a long way in life as they will grow up well mannered.

4. Apologizing

It is important for a child to be able to say they are sorry when they do something wrong. The earlier they learn how to this the better. If they break something or break house rules they need to apologize. They may not be able to fully grasp the concept at the earlier stages. Adults who cannot apologize make living around them difficult. The children should learn to apologize to each other when they wrong each other too. This is a sign that they understand right and wrong and respect each other.

  1. How to relate well with grown-ups

You may have seen kids that will tell you anything without a care. It is important for your child to know how to behave around grownups. When referring to someone older than them, they should use respectable titles such as Miss, MRS and Mr. This is better than just using their names. This shows respect. Your child should also learn to stay away from adults when they are having conversation. They should also learn not to disturb them unless there is an emergency. This ensures that you do not worry about them overhearing adult conversations.

  1. Table manners

You may have seen adults who do not know how to behave when eating. Chewing loudly and talking with food in your mouth can be disgusting on a date. You can train your child by showing them not to pick up food with their hands. They can also learn how to use cutlery at an early age. They should excuse themselves from the table when they need to leave. They can also learn how to politely ask each other to pass the salt or the butter. This makes dinner much easier than when everyone is stuffing their face without minding each other. They must also learn not to talk with food in their mouth.

There are many things that you can teach your child to ensure that they are mannered. The most important part is to lead by example. The more they see you doing these things the more they will want to imitate you. Etiquette includes so much more but you can take it one step at a time. The best and the most beautiful words you can hear from your kids please and thank you as we do too much for them.



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