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How to Track ASO Organic Installs

How to Track ASO Organic Installs

What is Organic Install?

Organic installs are install of the app that’s not associated with a certain install source. It implies that any install which can’t be tracked from performance marketing or advertising sources is considered to be organic. 

In simple words, we can say that organic installs are called as such when a user installs an app without directly responding to a mobile advertising campaign. In this, a user who sees your advertisement and interacts with it, and later on they will install your app. This particular thing would be considered as a non-organic install, anyone who is not directly driven into an app.

Why are Organic Installs important?

Well, organic installs matter the most as the often results in the high-value users. These users are among those who have discovered the app and decided to download without any promotion. 

Moreover, it is said that organic installs tend to be more committed to a product or service and it’s proven that they retain more effectively, and at least on Android. Organic users have more sessions in-app than their paid counterparts. There’s also a compelling business reason for driving organic installs and, I.e. cost. 

Although, organic installs are free of as you save on CPI costs and it is considered that they aren’t paid for at the point of install.

How to measure ASO Organic Installs in Apple iTunes Connect

Since Apple has introduced Apple Search Ads, we all have been expecting more information revealed by app stores. Recently Apple has published app discoverability data and started adding it to its App Analytics.

So, let’s further dive in and find out how this data can be found:-

1.You need to Login into iTunes Connect account. 

2.Once you have logged in successfully go to App Analytics section and then select the app which you want to track.

3.Now, select the Sources Tab. 

Organic Sources of App Discovery

  • Apple Store Browser – You can browse the featured apps, categories, or even have a look into the Top Charts sections of the App Store.
  • Apple Store Search – Search Queries on the App Store, including Apple Search Ads.

Now, app, web referrals, as well as campaigns are all the non-organic traffic sources which you can also break down the App Analytics Sources section. Primarily, campaigns are used to generate links which you can use for promotions, advertising, and other marketing materials.

Further, you can see data for Top Campaigns only when at least 5 units are associated with these campaigns.

Critical Metrics for Apple iTunes Devices

The essential metrics that marketers can monitor for each source of traffic are as follows:-

i) Impressions:-It is a number of times when an app has been shown, without visualizing listing.

ii) Product Page Views:-This is defined as a number of visualizations of store listing.

iii) App Units:-It defines a number of actual installs of the app on devices.

These are the key metrics to analyze when it comes to optimizing visibility, discoverability, as well as the conversion rate of a mobile app based on ASO strategy. 

How to measure ASO Organic Installs on Google Play Devices

Well, Google is a renowned expert in all sorts of analytics that Android developers can benefit from and long ago has implemented the insights for User Acquisition which help to understand the primary sources of traffic for retained installers and buyers.

How to find the Data:-

1.Login in your Google Play Device account and select the app you want to analyze.

2.Now go to User Acquisition, and then Acquisition Reports.

Organic Sources of App Discovery:-

Google Play Store –You can browser the featured apps, categorize, as well as Top Charts in Google Play Store. 

Google Web Search –Here you can search queries directly in Google Web Search.

There are some other user acquisition channels which you track, in case of Google separates the Adwords campaigns, other tracked channels as well as Third-party referrers, which include web and app referrals.

Critical Metrics for Google Play Devices

Just like in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store gives out information about these 3 key metrics to monitor for app discovery, conversion, as well as retention and these, are as follows:-

  • Store Listing Visitors:-It defines a number of people who have viewed a store listing in Google Play Store.
  • Install Units:-It is defined as the total number of users who have installed an app.
  • Installs without store listing visit:-To activate this metric, you need to check the box to include the particular option located in the top middle corner of installers and Retained installers chart. 

This metric shows you unique users who’ve installed an app without visiting its Play Store listing or does have the pre-installed app.

These are some of the Key Metrics of Google Play Devices. Further, store listing visitors and installer differ from “Clicks”“Conversions”reported on Adwords.

Having ASO strategy is an essential factor of success for any app. Everyone out there can build an app; however, if you don’t have the right positioning, you’ll never going to reach the targeted user. Now, once you’ve implemented ASO and optimized the metrics of the app, the next thing which you have to take care is start measuring your app, its competition, updates, optimize and adapt to any change in the fast-paced market.

It is being said that the better your ASO strategy is, the bigger will be the impact on the visibility and the volume of installs of your app. Try to spend less money on paid user acquisition, and at last, you’ll achieve a higher volume of the organic installs without having to buy app reviews.

As you know the essentials, you may now go ahead and try to bring out the best out of it. If you have any queries or suggestions then do lets us know in the comment section. 

Does the ASO strategy helpful? If yes, then do share the article with your colleagues who might need these tips. Stay tuned for more insights.


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