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How to Travel for Free and Make Money on It

How to Travel for Free and Make Money on It

Many people dream to leave the office and start traveling, but not everyone is ready to spend years of trials in finding the optimal way. However, Nurse Sandra Collins from Michigan traveled for 2 years under the program Travel nursing and managed to make money on it. A former firefighter Matt Karsten turned the nomadic lifestyle into work: he keeps a travel blog, earns on affiliate links, takes pictures for photo banks like Depositphotos, and earns money as an English teacher. How have they managed to change their lives? 

Well, some people are lucky to be born in wealthy families, some have won the lottery or in online casinos, but of course, the majority simply do not have such opportunities. If you want to try your chances in gambling, click here now to check top online casino websites, or consider available and proven programs like Couchsurfing or volunteering that are available to most people. 

  1. Become a language teacher “for a week”

Almost everyone who is actively learning a foreign language will say that studying in a class is not very effective. It is much more effective to learn a language in communication with a native speaker. There are many exchange programs when a native speaker is invited to another country, hangs out with local people, and teaches them language in exchange for food, lodging, and a TV.

Each “teacher” is assigned with a local “student” with whom he or she spends most of the time. First of all, programs like Diverbo are looking for native English speakers. Therefore, registration in the USA, Australia, Canada, Scotland, and other English-speaking countries greatly increases the chances of success.

2. Work on a farm

With the development of the sharing economy and eco-farms, farmers began to look for employees for food and shelter. They work 4–5 hours a day on the farm together with the owners and spend the whole day with them, learning about the local culture a thousand times more than from a guide. You can grow bananas in Tanzania, make wine in Brazil or rennet cheeses in France. 

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is the oldest, largest, and most well-known network from which the term “woofing” began. In addition to WWOOF, there are a lot of other farming programs worldwide: Communicating for Agriculture Exchange Program works in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia, while Helpx covers the whole world.

3. Become a volunteer

There are a lot of programs and they are different: 

  • HelpX is created for travelers who constantly move and do not stay in one place for more than a few weeks. 
  • The most popular program of recent years is the Turtle Teams which saves rare turtles on beaches across the globe. 
  • The Conservation Volunteers program offers to join the ranks of conservationists in Australia. 
  • Sudan Volunteers attracts those who are fluent in English to teach children in Sudan. 
  • In the Appalachian Trail Conference, you will be sent to preserve the green land in the Appalachian mountains. 

Since there are a lot of programs and each has its specification, it is quite difficult to give any advice. Some suggest weekly work for food and accommodation. Others provide full reimbursement. To start with, visit several volunteer centers, talk to the staff, and leave an application. You can find the program online at specialized sites like Love volunteers, which will help you choose the program specifically for your needs. Keep in mind that the most interesting offers are in high demand, so don’t hesitate.

Have any suggestions or questions? Reach us in comments.


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