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How To Turn Traffic Into Dollars

How To Turn Traffic Into Dollars

Many content creators and online marketers often strive to create a marketing campaign that would increase traffic to their website. The simple reason is because traffic equal opportunities which can be easily turned into dollars.

While not every visitor to your website is interested in learning more about your brand or your products, as 75 percent of web traffic are often individuals clicking around and simply surfing on the net. Since these potential customers are already at your website why not take this opportunity to turn traffic into dollars.

Sales funnel

  • Have a Sales Funnel

While most marketers have great content, often they struggle to convert these leads into customers. As a result, many companies often have a low conversion rate. Having a clear idea of your sales funnel can help you guide your customers and optimize your revenue.

The sales funnel can help you understand what stage your customer is at when they enter your website. The top level is wider because these individuals are prospective customers who are just gaining awareness in regards to your brand. As the customer journey continues down the sales funnel, it becomes smaller all the way to the final step of advocacy.

Ultimately, you would want all your prospective customers to become advocates for your company because these customers are the most loyal and help contribute to the growth of your business by spreading positive messages to their network. During the last stage of advocacy, these customers are often happy with your products and it would be within your best intention as a business to get every single customer to this stage.

Since there are different stages such as awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation and purchase – it is important for you to define how you would categorize a particular customer into a particular stage. Only you can define these rules; therefore, it’s important to take your time to map out this plan. Take your time and do not rush through these crucial steps. Try to define your own sales funnel and make it flexible enough so that as your business grow your sales funnel can also adapt.

  • Create Great Content


It’s important not only to have relevant information on your website but engaging content as well. In fact, content marketing costs 62 percent less than other marketing tactics, yet creates three times more leads Therefore, ensuring your website allows readers know more about your products and services will pay off in the long run.

In order to keep your audience from coming back, your content should be exclusive to your website and informative to your readers. If possible, make sure you have numerous visuals such as infographics, images and graphs that can capture the viewer’s attention. Enlisting the help of in-house professionals or a content marketing agency will ensure your content acts as a tool to enable your readers to easily purchase your products.

  • Good Web Design Goes a Long Way


According to research, 94 percent of internet users make an impression of a brand based on their website. Unfortunately, many websites are cluttered with too much information which makes it overwhelming for the readers. Sometimes less is more when it comes to website designs.

Plus, create a website that loads quickly — if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you risk losing up to half of your users. Plus, faster loading times improve search optimization (SEO), working in conjunction with other elements such as optimized images and strategic keywords to make sure your website is discoverable.

Captivating hero images and effective visuals such as a video in your homepage can guide the audience through a great customer journey. In addition to images and videos, you can also use other forms of multimedia such as an interactive infographic or any other form of creative content for storytelling purposes.

Your website layout should have a good flow that is seamless. At the end of their experience, you can simply turn your traffic into sales by taking the customer to the next integrates sales step or directing the customer to a purchase option through an e-commerce tab. No matter which option you choose for the next step, ensure that your customer have power to purchase and they are making the right decision based on the information provided on your website

By following these best website designs principles, you can enable your audience to easily purchase your products or find relevant information.

  • Know Your Audience


Through SEO, Google Analytics and data you should be able to track your customers and understand their purchase behaviors. By gaining informative data, you can adjust the content of your website to fit a large majority of your customers.

Through by focusing on what your customers want and need, you can ensure that they are purchasing the right product and reduce on the numbers of unsatisfied customers. You should be thinking of your customers pain points, problems and try to solve them. Perhaps you can suggest products based on past purchasing experience or on other links that your customers have clicked on.

By understanding your customers, you will continue to grow as a company by creating products that work effectively to solve your customers pain points.

  • Understand Your Data

While the best scenario would be for the customer to make the purchase directly for your website every time they visit, that might not be the case especially for new customers. In this case, you can provide these new customers with information about your products such as a free e-book or a webinar.

Many individuals are more comfortable giving out their information if there is a reward at the end. By providing free products or services, you can gain email addresses and phone numbers which would allow you to contact the customers directly at a later time. By making sense of the data that the customers have given you, you can make important business decisions and products that are tailored to your customers’ needs. Data will become a strong asset for your business by providing you with better customer intelligence.

All in all, maximizing traffic to your website and turning those visitors into paying consumers is easier than you think. With the help of the below points, you’re certain to see stronger conversions and grow your business in no time.

  • Utilize a sales funnel with a predetermined path to conversion.
  • Create strong, SEO-optimized content that reflects the brand.
  • Invest in a well-designed, user-friendly website design.
  • Take the time to know your audience’s behaviors, patterns, wants and needs.
  • Understand your data and incorporate it into your business plan.


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