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How to Use Innovative Technology in Advertising and Marketing

How to Use Innovative Technology in Advertising and Marketing

Everyday new technology trends emerge that challenge businesses to keep up their advertising tactics. If they fall behind, they risk losing thousands of customers to competitors.

Brand growth is dependent on innovative marketing tactics. With social media and e-mail, it is easy to do the bare minimum. But it’s a much harder undertaking to captivate an audience with a creative ad.  

So, how do you accomplish this? 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, follow this guide for using the latest technology to propel your ad campaigns. 

How to Stand Out  

Before diving into our guide, we want to cover what it means to stand out. Breaking away from the mold means everything from finding new ways to share marketing in VisualLed display screens to expanding payment options with wireless card payments. Technology in advertising means finding creative ways to get your message to customers in a digestible format. You can accomplish this with these tips:

Use the Numbers

Software allows you to track data and customer information at extensive levels. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Spotify know how to use this data to help facilitate user experience. 

Use this data and information to learn who your customers are and what their needs seem to be. You will create a personalized experience, communicate smoothly, and create customer loyalty. If your customer feels unique, like they do with Spotify desired listening experiences, you will maintain their attention over time.

Adapt to Changes in the Marketplace

Businesses that do not respond to changes in the marketplace risk failure. This is why it is essential to adapt to trends as they happen. 

Take Netflix, for example. This streaming service started as DVD mail rental service and adapted to a worldwide streaming service. Even now, it recognizes clients want customized content and has created a solid Netflix Originals platform. If Netflix stopped at the mail rental service, it would have surely failed long ago.

If you have identified a popular marketing tool or trend for your business, don’t hesitate to do your research to figure out whether it’s a fitting resource for your business. 

Create Experiences

Rather than simply engaging in sales with a customer, you should create an experience they will remember. This involves experiential marketing and builds long-term relationships. Creating an experience might include: 

  • Facility tours
  • Behind-the-scenes content  
  • Social media polls

Distribute with a Creative Flair

Your customers should always feel like they want to engage with your business, and that requires effort on your end to distribute products in a creative way. Through sales, pop-ups, and seasonal offerings, you give your loyal fan base a reason to keep coming back for that limited time only deal. 

Technology is a huge asset here. For example, smart devices can become mobile check-outs as employees rove the store, eliminating the hassle of a line. You can also create pop-up shops with vending machine distribution points, similar to the Snap Spectacles from Snapchat.

Learn from Others

There are many reasons why businesses continue to succeed, and utilizing technology in advertising is one of the ways this is possible. It is perfectly reasonable to copy from a successful business to help determine what can work for you. 

If you are just learning about a trend, copy a business model that’s already using it. You can make subtle tweaks as you gain more experience to make your business model more personal. There is no need to invest in VisualLed display screens or smart devices if they will only marginally improve marketing and advertising.

Technology is rapidly growing, so staying up to date on trends is absolutely essential for businesses – a competitor can teach you a lot about which trends are long-lasting, and which are passing fads. 

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