How to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

How to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Instagram is getting popularity all over the world and at present, it is the most useful application among all the applications in social media. Due to its large number of users, Instagram is a very powerful tool to increase your brand visibility. You can also take your business to a higher level with the help of this powerful application.  In this application, I will let you know how to use Instagram as a Marketing Tool.

1. Set Up Your Optimized Business Instagram Account:

The first thing you have to do to make your Instagram perfect for business, you have to make your business account. Don’t post your selfies and personal photos on this business account as it is of no use for your customers. Also, include a link of your website in your bio. You and your brand should be easily recognizable where you are showing your clear name and photo. If you select your one profile picture then stick to it because in future you and your brand are known because of this photo.  Your bio should be informative and interesting with a concise description of what you actually do.

2. Boost Engagement on Instagram:

Most of the business which is flourishing on Instagram all depends on the engagement of the followers. So to increase your brand visibility, you should boost the engagement rates. When you post an image on your account, then there should be an interesting caption, so in this way, you can increase the engagement rates. Call-to-action is also a way to drive the followers towards the comments section and thus the engagement will be higher. You can earn more followers and increase your business with the help of contests. People are more interested in contests. According to research, there are 70% of people on Instagram who are interested in contests. Also, reward the customers who win those contests.

3. Increase Your Number of Followers:

You should use a strategy to grow the number of followers towards your account.  You should wisely use hashtags to increase the number of followers towards your account. If you link a keyword in your posts then your posts will be discoverable forever. Use at least more than 5 hashtags for better engagement rates.

4. Invite Instagram Ambassadors to share Your Brand:

You can make the team of ambassadors to share the qualities of your brand. Share your posts and photos on Instagram and also ask your followers to share that type of posts in which your followers appreciate you and your brand. If you are sharing your brand with the help of Ambassadors then there is a more chance that your customers buy your products.

5. Get More Interest in Your Events:

You can increase your brand visibility by sharing the events pictures of the shows that you are conducting to promote your brand. People are attracted to see the pictures of the events and ultimately they become your followers. People also share behind the scene location of their events in stories so that people who see that photos also want to attend the event. They will then contact you for attending the event and in the future, they will become your customers.

6. Work with Instagram Influencers:

Instagram is also used as a tool where you can take help from influencers. Influencers are different people or teamwork who are promoting a brand or a business and expose them to a large number of people. Ultimately, this large number of people will become your customers. Brands and businesses pay to influencers in promoting their business or brand. There are also micro-influencer who are promoting small brands with limited budgets like Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok. Your number of followers will increase and also the engagement rates.

7. Types of Instagram Posts That are used:

The most common types of post are images. To use Instagram as a marketing tool, the images should bring a clear picture of your brand. Next, come the Behind-the-Scenes posts. Behind-the-scenes posts are especially for the people who don’t see the actual posts many times and these are also for better engagement rates. To humanize your business and also to give credit to your employees, reposting photos from employees is also the best option to grow your account. Educational posts and Influencer posts are also very important that are used in the marketing of any business or a brand. You can gain the attention of other people towards your posts through influencer posts. Motivational posts encourage the audience with the uplifting text and it is so much help in getting the attention towards your brand.

8. Instagram Tools to Increase Your Brand Visibility:

There are so many Instagram tools that are used by all brands and businesses to increase their brand visibility and getting more followers. Likegrowers is the best tool on Instagram where you can buy likes and also the followers at reasonable rates. Likegrowers is promising of quality in giving you the organic likes. Hopperhq is a tool which is very helpful when you are interested in scheduling your posts. Iconosquare is a very powerful Instagram tool which is very helpful in evaluating which post is getting the higher engagement rates and which is not. There is also a tool called Likesgainer where you can buy organic likes. It is a real tool and the most trustable. When you buy likes from Likesgainer, you feel safer.

Instagram is using as a powerful tool to grow the business or brand at a higher level. In fact, Instagram is helping people from all over the world whether they are doing business on a smaller level or at a higher level. Instagram is promoting the visual content to unfold to your consumers. When you are promoting your brand then with the passage of time, you will notice that what is the taste of your followers and which type of posts are helpful in getting higher engagement rates. When you follow all these tips discussed above then you will come to know what type of images are helpful in promoting the brand, brand awareness and ultimately the revenue for your business.


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