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How to Use Reverse Research to Find Someone You’re Looking For

How to Use Reverse Research to Find Someone You’re Looking For

When you reverse search a person or a business, you use the facts you have on them to search for additional information. For example, if you have the name of a potential date, you can search for their telephone number and address. Some would call it stalking but we prefer to think of it as due diligence.  

The internet makes searching for any type of information very easy. We no longer need to hire a private investigator to search for a long-lost relative or absconded ex-husband. All we need to do is search for them online using what information we have available.

Searching Using a Telephone Number

Missed calls from unknown numbers are always extremely irritating. You sit there and wonder who called and didn’t leave a voicemail. Was it the hot guy from the coffee shop who winked at you this morning, or is it a dodgy telesales company trying to flog you shares in an ostrich farm?

Use Google to search for an unknown number. If it’s linked to a business, Google will probably have all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Reverse Image Search

Ever been sucked in by a sexy photo on a dating app? Sure, this girl looks hot, but is the person you are talking to really a model – or have they filched their images from someone else’s social media account?

Perform a reverse image search using Google Images, TinEye, picsearch, and even Flickr. You might be disappointed to discover the image you fell in love with is actually a stock photo.

Address and Name Searches

If you have a name, you can search for an address online, and vice versa. Tools like Nuwber make it incredibly easy to find useful and relevant information about anyone. Type in their name or address into the search bar and see what comes up. Narrow down your search by including a city or state. The site searches information available on all public databases, including police records, property ownership details, and lawsuits.

Search for Domain Ownership Details

Ever wondered who owns a website? Perhaps that website has published sensitive information about you, and you would like it removed. Visit whois and search for the registered owner of a domain. The information you seek may be hidden from public view, but it’s a useful starting point. 

Useful Reverse Search Tools

As well as Nuwber, other handy reverse people search tools include:

  • LinkedIn– search for anyone with a name, email address, or telephone number. Filter results by age to narrow down your search results. 
  • ●      Facebook has a useful search function if you are looking for a person who might have a Facebook page. Type in their name and see what profiles appear. You can filter results by city, school, etc. 

There are many search engines out there that can help you find more information about a person. Start with the free sites/search functions and if that doesn’t yield the information you need, consider paying a subscription fee to access more in-depth data. 


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