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How to Use Stem Cell Therapy to Reduce Hair Loss and Restore Your Confidence

How to Use Stem Cell Therapy to Reduce Hair Loss and Restore Your Confidence

Hair loss negatively impacts upon your confidence and may even result in mental trauma and depression besides affecting your appearance. The negative aspects of hair loss are so universal that it has given birth to a huge industry involving diet, shampoos, medications, laser therapy, surgery, hairpieces, wigs, and more. Hair transplant, even though somewhat more expensive than most methods, is considered to be more effective. Stem cell therapy especially has been hailed for its ability to provide visible improvement in the restoration of hair, its texture, growth, and strength.

Hair Composition and Hair Health

The growth and health of each strand of hair are understandably influenced by multiple factors like genes, age, diet and lifestyle, and disease. In women, hair health can be influenced by factors like childbirth, changes in birth control measures, nutritional deficiencies, medications, dandruff, or psoriasis, stress and anxiety, autoimmune diseases, heat styling too frequently or at high heat, very tight hairstyles, as well as over-processing of the hair.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss 

According to healthline, stem cells are unique because they are unspecialized and can potentially develop into cells of many different kinds that can also repair and maintain tissues. By a process known as paracrine signaling, stem cells can induce changes in the differentiation and behavior of the cell adjacent to them. This property has been found effective for the rejuvenation of hair cells when stem cells have been injected into the scalp. According to Organoid Research Group, stem cell therapy is extremely effective in the restoration of loss of hair as the stem cells originally present in the hair can be replenished. With age and wear, the stems cells contained in the hair follicles get damaged and therefore can no longer play an active part in the hair renewal process and this leads to the hair becoming weak due to damage and falling off.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Benefit Hair Growth?

Stem cell therapy has proved to be very popular in hair restoration for several reasons, the principal of them being that it is a permanent solution to the vexing problem of loss of hair. It is also considered by experts to be one of the safest ways of re-growing your hair and delivers results quite quickly but which at the same time are quite enduring. The patients undergoing the treatment are also appreciative of the fact that the treatment is minimally invasive with negligible discomfort.

Stem cell therapy for loss of hair can significantly improve the overall texture and quality of hair and people from virtually every segment of life can benefit from the treatment regardless of their gender and age. Apart from those who want to improve their appearance and bolster their confidence, stem cell therapy is also extremely useful for people suffering from Alopecia due to various medical conditions like thyroid imbalances, fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, stress, and emotional issues, as well as a treatment like chemotherapy. However, the extent of the restoration can vary due to individual patient characteristics. 

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