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How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

There are some garments that are simply timeless, that you can wear year after year without feeling you are wearing something that is dated. Your favourite pair of jeans, for example, that fit like they are a part of you, will never go out of fashion.

Then there’s outerwear; what is more stylish, yet casual and easy to wear, than a bomber jacket? There’s a hint of the cool with these short and very neat jackets, and as you can find them in a wide selection of different materials, there’s bound to be one that you like. You might already have a favourite bomber jacket, perhaps of a certain vintage? Check this post for a history on them. 

So, the bomber jacket is cool, stylish, casual and also has that retro look that is all the rage. How should you wear it? And what do you pair with a bomber jacket for the ultimate in style?

Street Cool

The way to look cool in a bomber jacket is not to try too hard! Really, this is a casual style that is very much aimed at the street look. If you want to be setting the style trends then this is perhaps not the jacket to wear, but it does remain very stylish indeed. What do you pair your bomber jacket with? 

Let’s start with a pair of jeans, but let’s also consider the colour. If you’re a blue-jeans man that’s great – the traditional denim look is always in vogue – but if you have, for example, a brown or black bomber jacket, we reckon a pair of skinny black jeans might be the best way to go. Add a pair of sneakers and a plain sweater or t-shirt and you have the whole ensemble. If you want a great example, check this blog for a really cool look and some great reading.

One thing we will add: the bomber jacket looks best when worn open. This is the way it should be worn if you want to look right, but of course, do it up if the weather’s poor! 

Go for Colours

Look around you when you’re out and about, and you’ll see most people who wear bomber jackets go for plain, muted colours. Black, brown and blue are very popular, and with good reason as these are colours that you can pair with anything. 

But, we reckon you should consider going for colours. The great thing about bomber jackets is that they are available in a fantastic range of colours, and some of the designer options are quite spectacular. So, if you do want to stand out, why not get a red bomber (like this), or go even brighter with yellow for a really daring look? 

The great thing about colours is that you can still go out in your favourite jeans, and look the part. The bomber jacket really is one of the most versatile coats you will ever have in your wardrobe, and there are some beautiful examples around.

Choice of Material

Let’s talk about the material you should choose when looking for a bomber jacket. Leather is often suggested, and while leather bombers are impressive, we think they don’t quite fit the casual, easy to wear ideal of this style of jacket. A bomber jacket should hang loose – with space to spare – and not be too tight around the shoulders and arms.

Leather doesn’t tend to hang right in this case, it’s perhaps too tight and rigid, so you should be looking for a cotton or nylon bomber, one with a loose fit that is short, but not too short. These are lightweight, affordable, and widely available, and very wearable on all occasions. 

The bomber jacket is a retro item, but as we said, it’s also a timeless one. This is a jacket that has a strong hint of Americana about it, one that evokes the image of James Dean and other greats from the golden years of Hollywood, and you can have that look too!

Get your favourite jeans on, find a classy, plain or designer t-shirt, and get shopping for your new bomber – it’s a look that’s in and always will be, so choose carefully and you’ll have the perfect outfit for those surprise nights out.


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