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How To Wear Your Sunglasses Like A Star

How To Wear Your Sunglasses Like A Star

Sunglass is one of those accessories you don’t leave home without. Keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses are all mandatory additions to your purse. Sunglasses are functional and stylish. So many stars are associated with the sunglasses they sport and following their style can work for you too. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic looks.

  1. John Lennon – Long before the pop icon made them famous; the round metal frames were already very cool. Wear these frames for a retro look that’s contemporary at the same time. They have a very dark tint for the most part and are not over – sized. Wear them with a suit or some vintage clothes for a nice look.
  2. Audrey Hepburn – Who can forget the cat eye frames the actress sported in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Just the right blend of sophistication and mystery, the cat eye has remained a popular choice for sunglasses lovers. Its shape protects most of your face from the sun and if you get them in bright colors, it works to up that fashion quotient.
  3. Geordi La Forge – Star Trek’s actor wears the visor to help him with his blindness. Inspired by the model, so many sunglasses come with radical shapes – some are one single lens. Rihanna’s sunglasses line is also inspired by the eyewear. Wear them when you want to gain some looks – it’s edgy, avant-garde and need to be worn with aplomb.
  4. Bono – No one seems to have a larger collection that the rocker and he’s very rarely seen without one of his brightly colored lens and wraparound frames. Bono has said that he wears them for medical reasons – he suffers from glaucoma. These large glasses help him by cutting off sun rays from all sides, not just the front. If you’re planning a day out at the park or a sport or game, these sunglasses are the best choice.
  5. Jackie O – She’d pick one up from her large collection on her way out. Oversized and oval, these glasses are deeply connected to the former First lady. Wear them if you want to go incognito. Pair them up with slim pants and a t-shirt and you can be effortless and comfortable.
  6. Tom Cruise and the Aviator – If there’s one movie where the sunglasses play a supporting role, it’s Top Gun. Tom Cruise – Maverick – sports the Aviators with green lens and gold frames and created a trend that has never died. Cruise wears sunglasses in many of his movies and causes a stir every single time. Aviators are shaped like teardrops, have metal frames and plain colors. Complete your look with jeans and a black t-shirt.
  7. Beyonce – In one of her videos, we spot this superstar with fringe on her sunglasses. The shimmering fringe is dazzling and unforgettable. Like the visor, this style comes with lots of attitude and should be worn as such.

You could also choose white frames, like Elizabeth Taylor, the Wayfarer like James Dean, the Dirty Harry sunglasses made famous by the fabulous Clint Eastwood, the Ray -Ban Predator pair seen in Men in Black and Lady Gaga’s Versace frames. From Bridgette Bardot to Grace Kelly, the sunglass is never far from the fashion scene.

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