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How to Write an Effective A+ Research Paper

How to Write an Effective A+ Research Paper

A research paper is an academic write-up based on a research by its author. It can be a term paper, thesis, dissertation or just an essay. In this post, check out how to write an A+ research paper.

1. Find Information

You should gather the information from trustful sources. Wikipedia is more accurate than many other online encyclopaedias and is a great source for two main reasons. Firstly, you can get an overview of the topic with Wikipedia and the links to similar topics. Secondly, there are citations available which can be used for generating the ideas for your research paper. You also have a local library which can be a useful source for gathering the ideas and finding information for your research paper. You can also search on the internet but make sure you use legitimate websites (a good thing is to use sites with the domain, .gov or .org as these are reliable sources in the majority of cases).

2. Create an Outline

Before making an outline, you should follow certain prewriting steps. Make sure your topic is interesting so that a reader is engaged. Make sure it leads to a meaningful discussion. When you think of that first, you can create a good outline for the research paper. The overall style, tone, and language should depend on the audience it targets. When you are finished with brainstorming and researching, create an effective outline for your research paper including a catching introduction, points for the body and a compelling conclusion. 

3. Write Your Thesis Statement

It is two or three sentences long and explains the main idea of your research paper. Readers or instructor may not read the whole document first, but check the thesis statement to get an idea about the research paper. You can search for thesis statements online or you can entrust the experts by buying a research paper from them. Thesis statement shows your opinion regarding a subject which you will defend in the rest of the paper. It is generally written after the introduction or second paragraph if the research paper is long.

4. Organize your Notes

Now you probably have a lot of information found and lots of points written in your outline. Analyze the research data for accuracy and whether the facts are up to date and correct. You must be able to effectively communicate the thoughts, ideas and research findings. Avoid adding the information that isn’t relevant to your topic. Remember to add the content that is 100% unique. While organizing your notes, pen down the bibliographical information cited for each paragraph. You can easily organize the notes through research tools on the internet. Evernote, Blue Organizer, Zotero are helpful browser extensions to organize the notes properly.

5. Write Your First Draft

Every research paper is made up of three parts – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph of the research paper which often begins with a general statement about the topic. It lets your readers know what the topic is all about, informs about your point of view, and arouses the reader’s curiosity. The body part includes the paragraphs supporting main ideas of the research paper. Use the transition words to make it more readable and ensure the smooth flow from paragraph to paragraph. Lastly, there is a conclusion which summarizes the points or restates the main idea.

6. Final Touches

There should be a proper flow in your research paper. Check whether your paragraphs and ideas are linked in the logical order or your sentences make sense when standing alone. There should be clarity in the research paper making it easy to understand. Proofread the final draft by checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Read the research paper at least 2-3 times with fresh eyes and correct all the errors. Make it readable to the audience by adding emotional, powerful, common and uncommon words.  

The Bottom Line

These are six effective steps in writing the A+ research paper. Follow them and you will be able to impress your readers. 


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