How to Write an Elevator Pitch to Reach Your Objectives

How to Write an Elevator Pitch to Reach Your Objectives

This informative article tells how to write an elevator pitch. It dwells upon the most important details of composing this presentation. Moreover, it covers two different types of elevator pitch, which are for business and job employment. This information will surely help to meet your objectives.

When we study, we have to compose a great variety of papers. Depending on the specialty, students face quite interesting and sometimes weird tasks. Thus, students of business schools, colleges and universities compose an elevator pitch. It’s an uncommon piece of writing, which helps to advertise a certain business, product or service. It may be quite simple, yet one of the most powerful tools. You can convince potential partners or clients if you write a great elevator pitch. Therefore, you should know how to write an elevator pitch.

How to Write an Elevator Pitch

The experts from EditProofRead have a special warning. Before we go to useful tips, we should also pay your attention to one important point. There is another version of an elevator pitch. It can be also used by candidates for a job. We provide proper recommendations to write both kinds.

Though it must be written, you will give a speech without showing any papers. It’s a short presentation of your project or your professional qualities. The length is about 150-250 words only. Accordingly, it should not last more than 2 minutes. As you can see, time is really limited. That’s why you must be straight to the point and report on the most important issues.

Who you are?

First of all, you should present yourself. No matter who is in front of you (employer or clients), it’s necessary to tell about yourself. Introduce yourself in one sentence and continue the elevator pitch.

What you do or can

The second step of an elevator pitch has a division. If you promote your business or sell some products, clarify the required points. Mention the main advantages of your products or services. Convince your clients to buy them using excellent examples.

If you are an employee, you should convince an employer to hire you. Reveal your best personality traits. Afterward, mention professional skills and experiences (if you have any).

Talk about the clients

The third step of an elevator pitch is to mention the clients. If you’re a businessman, tell who your targeted audience is. These should be ideal clients who are your priority. Show that you put their interests in the first place. Your strategy and entire business are fully devoted to them.

In case, you’re an employee also involve clients. In this situation, it’s necessary to explain how you are going to satisfy their needs. Provide a few effective examples of your potential services.

Show a difference

It’s also important to show what makes you step out of the crowd. There must be something special about your persona or proposal, which will engage the listeners. Perhaps, you have a unique and very efficacious marketing strategy. Another example is an original approach to clients, which guarantees an increase in sales.

These are examples of an attention-getting hook. You should sound self-confident and prove your claims. Remember that those 1 or 2 minutes are decisive. Your potential clients, investors, or employers will decide whether to listen to the entire plan during those crucial minutes. Make sure you don’t pour water and always have a convening proof of your success and their profit.

As you can see, an elevator pitch doesn’t require too many phases of writing. Nevertheless, you should take it seriously. Besides, you ought to be aware of possible errors.

Common mistakes of an elevator pitch

As you compose your elevator pitch, you ought to keep in mind certain weak aspects. Many folks prepare it inappropriately and fail miserably. Let’s review common mistakes:

  • Speaking too fast. Of course, you will have only a couple of minutes to present your project. However, you have to avoid cramming tons of information during this period. Don’t try to present a speech, which may take about 20 minutes of explanations. Be selective and leave only the most crucial facts.
  • Word misuse. Many people use too many unnecessary words. These are terms, jargon, slang, acronyms, and so on. Your listeners may not know those words and their mind will automatically switch off. Speak in plain and logical words.
  • No focus. Some speech givers tend to dancing around the main question. They go astray and the listeners cannot understand what they mean. Be straight to the point.
  • No practicing. Too many times, people are overly self-confident. They believe in their unique gift of giving spontaneous speeches. Most of them bring the entire project to ruin due to this awful error. Always practice your presentation to be sure you sound confidently and convincingly.
  • Too monotonous. Some speech givers sound as if they are robots. Your elevator presentation is supposed to flow naturally. Define a proper style and make it run smoothly.

There is one more tip you mustn’t forget. After the elevator pitch is accepted, the audience expects a continuation. There will be multiple questions and a longer story about your proposal or professional skills maybe not enough.Think about possible questions and arguments other people can put. Find clear and appropriate answers and counter-arguments. If you manage such a task, potential buyers or employers will understand how competent you are. Prepare a strong elevator pitch and you’ll succeed! The experts from ResumeCvWriter may help you.


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