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How to Write an Essay about Family

How to Write an Essay about Family

Presenting Your Family: What to Consider To Write a Good Essay

While in college, students are required to write academic essays which help to analyze their performance. Essay writing tends to be challenging to some students but it is an obligatory task and, therefore, everyone is expected to write it. Regardless of how hard one might try to ignore writing essays in college, it is impossible since it is part of one’s academics and it reflects greatly on one’s overall performance. To deal with the burden of having to write a lot of essays, many students opt to buy custom written essays.

Essays are written to serve different purposes. When asked to write about simple topics like one’s hobby, friend, or even family, students often fail and this happens because many ignore the basics of essay writing. Additionally, few expect to be asked to write such simple essays. However, the truth is college is not all about research and analysis and from time to time, one is asked to write simple essays just to test their understanding of the basics. This article seeks to dispense the notion that college essays should always involve research or analysis. The focus here is, therefore, on family essays and how one can write an enticing family essay.

Information to be included in a family essay

A family essay is both a personal and a narrative essay. On a personal angle, you as an individual talks about your family while on a narrative perspective, you are briefly narrating about your family to your audience. When writing a family essay, one needs to know what kind of information to include and what kind of information to ignore. This helps you avoid going into greater details and revealing a lot of information about your family to an audience which might be bored. To write a family essay consider the following tips:

  • Your position in the family. Are you the oldest, the youngest or in the middle? How this makes you feel and the influence your position has in the family.
  • Family ethnicities. Explain your family customs which make you standout and you enjoy yourselves while at it. Each family has a tradition they love practicing and this makes the bond grow even stronger.
  • What roles each family member plays. You explain what kind of responsibilities each family member has depending on their age mostly. State how these responsibilities are taken care of and who stands to ensure that they are.
  • Family conflicts. Marriages clash and conflicts erupt in any family. Briefly explain how your family deals with such situations and how communication is brought back within the family. This can be an uncomfortable situation to talk about but it is indeed essential in your essay.
  • Extended families. Do you keep in touch with the extended family? Explain how your relationship is with the extended family and what brings you together mostly.
  • Family bonding time. When do you choose to bond together as a family? Explain what you do together as a family to make certain events memorable.

Features of a family essay

A family essay has similar features or characteristics to all other essays, especially when one considers the structure and organization. The features of a family essay include:


  • Briefly introduce your family.
  • Provide general information about your family, for example, how many you are, the position you hold in the family, etc.

Thesis statement

  • Come up with a statement which holds the main argument of the essay.


  • Include the necessary information that you require to talk about your family.
  • Add some information to make it more interesting such as what brings your family together.


  • Briefly summarize everything about your family.
  • Try and convince your audience the importance of a family.

Tips on writing a family essay

Writing a family essay should be easy but you have to be prepared with the right information. Know what to include in your body and how much information you are willing to disclose about your family. However, it can be challenging. So, below are some tips experts at recommend you to consider when writing a family essay.

  • Select a topic. There are various topics about a family essay which talk of different things. This will gift you a start and you will then know what to focus on.
  • Introduction. Begin your paper with a strong hook which will catch the eye of your reader(s) and make them interested in your article.
  • Develop a thesis statement. Come up with a thesis statement which seeks proper appealing to your audience.
  • Clear and precise body paragraphs. Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence which has a clear and brief explanation with information regarding your family. This will enable your reader(s) to know different things about you and your family.
  • Use transition sentences. This enables your audience to know that you are introducing a different point.
  • Conclusion. Provide a summary of your article while also briefly mentioning some of the points you included in your paper.

Writing a family essay should be easy but some of you miss what you are required to do. Students are expected to be knowledgeably equipped with the necessary writing skills to help them handle the influx of essays expertly. With the tips above, writing such an essay would be an understandable task.


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