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How to write for children

How to write for children

Have you ever wondered how to write for children? And what it takes to create a children’s book. You can have a brief look at  writing help from Edujungles. You will have an understanding how it looks like. Well, the smile on a child’s face as they read a book is every author’s aspiring dream. Writing a kid’s book requires you to be entertaining, clear, engaging and use simple language children will understand. Probably you’ l learn on how to write your own comics If you have an idea on a children’s book that you would like to pursue, observe the following tips.

Read a lot

 A lot of reading is essential for all kinds of writing especially when writing for children. Childhood is a stage where the kids undergo several changes, and they are flexible. To determine what suits them, you should read books written by other authors to get an insight into the use of tone and complexity of the material. 

As an adult, you grew up reading books with a different style from that present today. Make sure you are not carried away by this style and instead write in the style prevalent today to avoid alienating the children by making them find your book uninteresting. Also, there are numerous sources of entertainment for children today such as mobile phones, tablets, and the internet . Ensure you pull the children away from these gadgets by talking to the children to learn what they like. Sometime it seems to be difficult in this case you can buy an essay in a few steps from essay writing service or to have a consultation how to do it right.

Understand the age

 Knowing which age you will be targeting in your writing is essential in determining how you write. The interests of children differ whereby, what entertains a seven- year old may not grab the attention of an eleven-year-old. Young children prefer books organized in an orderly fashion and with a happy ending, while older kids enjoy a narrative with some danger. To write the best book for children, look through the available children’s book and note the different interests according to the different age groups.

Write for honest readers 

  Children are always honest about their opinions regarding different things, and when it comes to books, they are not any different. Unlike adults who can read through a book even though it has some boring chapters, children have no patience to read through work that does not impress them. If children find your book uninteresting, they are likely to express their disappointment to their parents for purchasing the book or to the teacher who made it a reading. 

Consequently, in the future, both parents and teachers will be less inclined to buy your book. As a children writer, make your writing as enjoyable as possible and ensure it goes straight to the point to keep children interested in what you have to say.

Trust children

            Trusting children is another essential tip of how to write a children book. Children are more observant than grownups understand, and when you try to talk down to them, they can notice it. Avoid making the scheme of your stories too simple so that it can fit an age group of your choice. Instead, include more explanations that help the children piece the meaning together. 

            Avoid composing a complicated story as children have little patience to comprehend a complicated plot. However, do not spell out everything but keep your ideas simple and sentences short to create a balanced and understandable book.

Note that children’s sense of humor differs from adult

            The sense of humor in children and adults is different as what an adult may find funny may not have a similar effect on a child and vice versa. It may sound noticeable, but it is vital to keep it in mind as you draft a children’s book. While writing, you may be carried away by the exciting ideas you have leading you to include things that may be amusing to you but out of place to children. Keep an eye out on programs made for kids and analyze the different parts that make you laugh and those that make children laugh, to understand children’s sense of humor. 


            Complicating a storyline is the worst mistake as a writer you can make, as it makes your work of no use to children. Children require a book that incites their mind to create a mental picture for instance; they should be in a position to imagine the real scene, activities taking place and characters in the book. A book that children can visualize helps them pick up on different perspectives thus, enjoy the book. 

No two-dimensional characters

            The success of writing for children relies on the impression your character makes. Children have simple minds that cannot comprehend intricate storylines such as one that gives back stories. Ensure your writing includes characters that a child can easily recognize from the book and that attract their attention. Having a boring character that one cannot understand or identify destroys even the best of the stories by making them irrelevant to children.

            Writing and publishing for some writers, may be. However, if you want to write for children, all you have to keep in mind is you need to read a lot of books, understand the age you want to target with your writing and be ready for honesty from the readers. Also, have faith in the children, realize there is a difference between humor in adults and children, ensure your writing can be visualized and avoid using dimensional characters. Now you are ready to write for children.


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