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How Wine Connoisseurs Choose to Store Their Wine

How Wine Connoisseurs Choose to Store Their Wine

Wine must be stored properly if you want to keep it fresh and tasting its best. There’s a reason why people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on wine cellars: it keeps the wine fresh. And if you’re new to wine and are just learning to navigate wine tastes and vintages, you’ll want to also know how to properly store your wine.

Temperature Needs to Take Precedence

Different wines need different temperature ranges to be kept fresh. Wine connoisseurs understand the different temperature ranges for their preferred wine. A general rule of thumb for most wines is the following:

  • Red wine served at 60 – 65 degrees
  • White wine served at 50 – 55 degrees

Storing wine is similar to the above, with the perfect range for wine being between 45 and 65 degrees. You can also choose a good mid-point, such as 55 degrees. You’ll be able to take your wine out of the cooling system and serve it promptly when keeping it in these deserved ranges.

Isolate the Wine

Wine connoisseurs recommend that you isolate the wine from other foods. You don’t want to store wine next to garlic, for example. The idea is that wine essentially breathes, and when stored next to an item that has a strong smell, that smells can permeate the wine.

Smells that permeate the wine’s cork bottle will taint the wine.

Ventilation, in high-end storage solutions, will be key to keeping these odors from entering the wine itself. You’ll find many top-end storage units, often custom made, focus a lot on the ventilation of the system. These solutions, according to will help to keep the wine in pristine condition, chilled to the perfect temperature, away from light and require as little moving as possible.

Opened Wine is Consumed Quickly

You can recork a bottle, and this will keep the wine fresh for 3-5 days. Air exposure will cause the wine to lose its flavor, so when it’s open and only a small amount of wine is left, it’s best to transfer the wine into a bottle or container that’s smaller.

The smaller bottle will have less air inside, allowing for a crisper taste.

Light and heat will degrade the wine, so keep the wine in a dark, cool place. If the wine is more expensive, a pump and wine stopper will be the best solution for keeping the wine fresh for longer.

Of course, the wine should be placed in a wine cellar or closet. If you don’t have a storage solution, you can place the wine in your refrigerator to keep it fresher for longer.

Wine has a long history, and even the world’s best wines must be perfectly kept for their taste to remain. You need to keep humidity levels under control to keep the wine’s labels and cork intact, and even moving the wine too often can have a negative impact.

Keeping the wine for decades may not be possible since most red wines can be aged to maturity in 2-10 years, while certain whites can be aged for 20 years.

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