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How You Can Make Money With Your Beautiful Knitted Crafts

How You Can Make Money With Your Beautiful Knitted Crafts

If you have received compliments on your homemade items, had friends put in requests for what you should knit next or had acquaintances offer to pay you money for your superb handiwork, you may want to consider putting your knit-work up for sale. When you’re done reading through this piece, you will be ready to turn your favorite hobby into a small business.

knitted crafts

Buyers are turning to small craft businesses because they want good-quality homemade products in favor of moderate or low-quality mass-produced items. These businesses offer more variety and often tap into niche markets that are otherwise forgotten—many cater to fandoms of movie, TV and book genres with great success. A skilled knitter can easily find their niche and sell their items as a way to get a significant amount of extra income. According to small business trend reports, many of the top twenty types of handmade items that you can sell in an online marketplace can be knitted or crocheted, like:

  • Clothing
  • Winter accessories like hats and scarves
  • Pillows
  • Rugs
  • Blankets
  • Bags
  • Pet toys

The first step that you need to take before starting up your small business is to get a substantial supply of the right materials. It’s better to have a stockpile of yarn on hand because you don’t want to make the mistake of taking too many product orders and then panic when you are out of the color that you need. You should get your essential supplies from the website Yarnspirations because they carry a diverse range of high-quality materials for all of your needs. They can ship an order anywhere in the United States or Canada and have it arrive within days — on average, the entire process from packaging to delivery takes only thirty-six hours. You can order all of your yarn and knitting accessories like needles, pompom makers and embellishment kits from this website to be ready for any customer demand in the future.

The second most important step that you need to take before getting started is to decide where you will be selling your items. Nowadays, the most popular place to sell handcrafted products is the online market — almost fifty percent of millennials sold crafts online in 2015, according to a report looking at North American consumer trends. The most popular online stores are Etsy and eBay, however, there are a number of other online marketplaces to sell knit items where the competition isn’t as fierce. You can also go for a more traditional route and sell your pieces by reserving a table at your local craft market — this way you can interact with your customers in-person instead of behind a screen.

To prepare for your business you can also promote yourself through social media platforms, make professional business cards or develop your own personal website — these are all excellent ideas that will help you reach more customers and make a good profit. In the end, as long you have great knitting skills, high-quality materials and a marketplace to reach your products, your new small business will find success.


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