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How Your Home Could Be Damaging to Your Health

How Your Home Could Be Damaging to Your Health

It’s hard to believe, but your warm, welcoming, and cozy home could be harming your health and your loved ones in many ways. We all see our homes as a place of comfort that we can run to when we are done battling a long day. However, your house is at-risk of hidden contaminants, poor air quality, and bacteria that you’ll want to address immediately.

Let’s explore some of the health hazards lurking in your home, and what you can do about it.

#1. Mold and Mildew

Mold causes the musty odor you get from a damp basement or garage that hasn’t been opened in a while. It is caused by water damage due to flooding issues or a leaking pipe. Areas with a high moisture index are also prone to mold infestation. 

The danger with inhaling that awful odor is you are also inhaling the bacteria that causes the mold growth. These bacteria can cause toxic disorders, or disrupt your immune system, making you more prone to viral infections and other illnesses. 

While it’s easy to solve the mold problem yourself, its best to call in the experts. According to Ideal Development Concepts, the most important aspect of mold remediation is containment. Only the pros are able to ensure that bacterial air spores don’t spread throughout the rest of your home.

#2. Asbestos 

If you live in an old house, asbestos was likely used for your ceiling panels. They could have also been used for some of the panels/dividers. Over time, asbestos starts to degrade. And therein lies the problem. 

Asbestos dust or particles can be injurious when inhaled. Constant exposure to asbestos particles can cause cancer. It can also cause breathing problems, and in severe cases, lead to late-onset asthma. 

Unfortunately, once it’s allowed to accumulate in the human body, there’s no known remedy to reverse or halt its damage. 

#3. Electrical Hazards 

These are the most dangerous because they can be instantly fatal in some cases. Sadly, we are considerably reliant on electricity in our daily lives. Issues can range from poor or defective wiring to water leaking into the mains, and can even be as random as faulty extension cords. 

Asides being fatal, electrical sparks can lead to fires; if you suspect or notice an electrical fault, its best to call a licensed electrician to take a look and advise the next steps. On no account should you try to rectify an electrical fault on your own.

#4. Water Damage

If you live in a flood-prone area, water damage needs no introduction. This silent foe is usually the precursor of other hazards – molds, electrical issues, and can even hasten your asbestos’ degradation after extended exposure.

When left unattended, water damage can cause structural damage to your home and furniture. Fixing these issues can be financially demanding most times. 

In case of a leak, you’ll need to get a plumber to trace and fix the source. In instances where the leak has been on for a while, its best you get in a competent and licensed technician to de-humidify and clean out the area where the leak was discovered. 

It’s said that the first step to solving a problem is identifying the issues, not symptoms of the problems. The same premise applies here. Once you are clear about the possible hazards in your home, the next step is to actively prevent them from happening or festering if you discover that your home suffers from one of these issues. 

Get in a qualified technician immediately to evaluate the problem and provide you with a lasting solution. 


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