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HR Tips for SME-Owners That Can Set Them Up for Success – Mike Giannulis Picks the Best

HR Tips for SME-Owners That Can Set Them Up for Success – Mike Giannulis Picks the Best

Due to the pressure on budgets, often even medium-sized enterprises find it difficult to afford a dedicated HR cell, and often, the owner has to take on this responsibility in addition to the others for sustaining the growing the business. The following tips will assist the owner to build a workplace that is productive as well as inspiring:

Find the Right Talent 

HR management becomes easier and business productivity gets a boost when you start right by hiring people with the right profile and skills. When recruiting, it vital that you look beyond paper qualifications, and hire candidates that have a passion for work as well as possess strong soft skills. To enable you to get top-notch talent on board, you need to craft a job description that will appeal to the right candidates. In addition to the key result areas, the job description should accurately describe the profile of the ideal candidate, including personality traits, as well as, an honest picture of the company’s culture and vision. When recruiting, do not depend only on an interview but conduct a group discussion, give them a small test, or even ask them to complete a project at home. Try to hire individuals who are as interested in joining you as you are in recruiting them – this will reduce your employee turnover significantly.

Be Serious About Onboarding

Businesses need to appreciate that a formal onboarding process has multiple benefits not only for them but also for the new hires. A structured approach to onboarding not only projects that you consider training and development important but also helps the recruits to familiarize themselves with both the company and their responsibilities, observes Michael Giannulis. Often having them mentored by a senior employee can help. An employee handbook can be shared with them to make them aware of all the relevant company policies and procedures. By undertaking a formal onboarding process, you make the new hires welcome, enable them to get a feel of the company culture and adapt more easily to their work environment.

Establish a Strong Organizational Culture, Recommends Mike Giannulis

Vibrant company culture can be a big factor in driving employee engagement and reducing employee turnover. However, it is not possible to establish it unless your team understands and believes in the organizational values. To facilitate this, you must communicate the organizational vision very soon after someone joins the organization, and you set up a feedback system that can monitor if all the employees have adopted the value system. Remember, establishing a strong corporate culture depends on trust and transparency using honest communication of what the company is doing and uses employee feedback to react positively. Discussing the company’s goals and strategies with your team can make them feel valued and recognized. By delegating tasks based on competence, you can build an environment of trust, avoid micromanaging, and give your staff the respect and empowerment they deserve.


Successful HR management depends not only on the company’s vision but also its commitment to share both responsibilities and rewards honestly. A company that respects and empowers its employees is likely to have a committed workforce that can make the business prosper.


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