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Hungry in Times Square? 4 Restaurants to the Rescue

Hungry in Times Square? 4 Restaurants to the Rescue

In Times Square, food is more than a fuel for your body. But with so many options, where should you go to get the best food in the city? We’re here to help

So you’ve made your way to Times Square. All-day long, you hiked through New York, taking in its attractions and the eccentricity in even the most mundane of its areas. You want to see more even though your eyes can’t stop dashing between the numerous billboards in Times Square. But first, you want to eat, and maybe even get your daily dose of casino games at Chelsea Palace Casino. Better things are coming, and you want to be ready for them. So here are the best restaurants in or near Times Square which will not only refill you for your upcoming experiences but will become a part of it.

Becco Restaurant

Becco Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants in Times Square. But that’s not why people flock to this address on 8th Avenue. The main attractions are Lidia Bastianich’s (of PBS) antipasto or salad and three kinds of pasta prepared every night. In fact, they’re so popular that you’ll need to make a reservation if you want to dine here without a long wait.

If you want to something to wash down the great pasta, Becco’s $33-per-bottle wine list is your friend. You’ll find some great wine values for a drink with your dinner without breaking the bank. You can get the restaurant’s pasta special at $20.95 for lunch and $25.95 for dinner. If you go for the a la carte options, you’ll have to shell out about $40.

Shake Shack

How does eating a delicious burger while taking in all the action on the Times Square through floor-to-ceiling windows sound? Well then, the next destination on your go-to list is Shake Shack. And while yes, the chain’s original location is in Madison Square Park, the one in Theater District is more than worth trying out.

You can try their signature dishes for this location while expecting staples like Shack Burgers, fries, and flat-grilled Chicago grilled hot dogs. Located on 44th Street, this popular spot offers quick-service so you don’t have to worry about reservations. But be prepared to wait in line to order or roam around in search for empty tables. You can find means between $10 and $15 here.

Lillie’s Victorian Establishment

If you’re in Times Square on a Saturday or a Sunday, you’ve got to try Lillie’s Victorian Establishment. Though the restaurant has a location in Union Square as well, only the Times Square venue, located between 8th Avenue and Broadway, offers the $18 brunch deal on weekends.

The brunch even comes with an option to choose from a glass of wine, a draft beer, or a brunch cocktail. You can choose your own preselected brunch or lunch meal for a flat fee or come to this British establishment in the evening and pick out whatever you want for dinner. You’ll get entries in the range of $15 and $35 while the lunch and brunch specials will cost you $14 and $18 respectively.


If you want an authentic Mexico City experience right here in Times Square, don’t miss Toloache on 251 West 50th Street. This traditional Mexican restaurant is owned and run by Julian Medina who wants to bring the best in Latin cuisine to the heart of Times Square.

Keep an eye out for some really exotic and unfamiliar dishes at this joint. Dishes worth trying are the Bacalao Trufado (Miso-tequila glazed black cod, hon shimeji mushrooms in chipotle-black truffle butter, and corn) and the Carne Asada (guacamole, grilled skirt steak with potato gratin, and a mole-cheese enchilada). Appetizers here range from $9 to $20 while the main courses can cost anything from $22 to $42.


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