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I Have Stopped Netflix for xCine. Know Why?

I Have Stopped Netflix for xCine. Know Why?

Netflix now becomes unreasonably expensive while its service quality does not live up to your expectations? Then, we recommend xCine as a must-try alternative.

You feel annoyed, right?

Netflix has increased the prices of almost all services by 18%. This costs too much money whereas the quality of services still needs improving a lot.

Do not get me wrong. Though I no longer love Netflix as much as I used to, I still have to confirm that Netflix is the biggest streaming service these days. However, I do not feel satisfied with what I pay for. Then, I just made a move to another streaming website, called xCine.

xCine in Brief

I bet many of you do not know about xCine before. You just search for Netflix alternatives and randomly you see this post.

I also found this website by chance when surfing the Internet for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Since then, I quit Netflix and has visited xCite whenever I want to see a movie.

For your information, xCine is a German streaming website which updates daily on series  and high-quality movies, absolutely for FREE.

5 Things You Will Love about xCine

Free Services

Although Netflix is more and more expensive, many viewers are still afraid of changing to a free streaming service.

“Is it illegal to watch online movies for free?”

xCine is protected by DMCA (source:×1-02.png) 

Probably. It depends on your national copyright laws.

But no worries when you access xCite. The website is certified by DMCA Protection. This includes the legal foundation for creative works on the Internet. Hence you can be assured that both copyright owners and the Internet service providers like xCine have rights management over its digital works.

So, all movies and streaming shows are free to enjoy LEGALLY!


That movies and shows at the are free does not mean they come in low quality. In contrast, most of them are in HD quality with clear audio. Hence, you can expect to have a great watching experience on this platform.

Daily Updates

xCine is a free streaming website, so it might not always update all blockbuster movies as quickly as Netflix. However, the update is still more frequent than other free websites.

Accordingly, you can check Filme Online, Serien Stream, and Trailer daily to enjoy new movies and game shows.

Downloading Availability

Not only can you watch movies for free, but you can download them. Rest assured that the download version is still in the HD quality.

All you need is to create an account at xCine with an email address and password. Or, you can sign up with your Facebook or Google Plus. Only spend 1 minute registering you will have full access to the huge movie sources.

No further personal information is required, so you do not have to worry about data exploitation or fraud.

User-friendly Interface

What I also like about the xCine is the easy-to-navigate interface, making it effortless for me to browse and search for my favorite movies.

Right on the homepage, there are eye-catching sliders which showcase the latest updates on the website at a glance.

Secondly, the search box provides a helpful and quick response.

All movies on the website are divided into 3 main categories, so you do not have to remember all sub-categories. Just check out what you like: films, streams, or trailers and sort by Genre, Country, Rate, Name, IMDB, View, Update, etc.

Moreover, based on your browsing behaviors, the website can even recommend you with some interesting movies or programs you might be interested in. Smart!

Plus, xCite offers a personalized experience. For example, you are in a hurry and have to turn off the website in the middle of the movie. Next time, when you come back, you are redirected to the exact point you left off before.

2 Things You Want xCine to Improve

Since the website is newly-established, it is obviously equipped with advanced technology to improve your experiences. However, there are still several parts to improve.


xCince is a Germany streaming website. As a result, all categories, instructions, navigations, and subs are in German.

If you are not fluent in German, you will find it hard to browse throughout the site, let alone watching foreign films without English sub.

Thankfully, Google Translate is available to help if you use the Chrome search engine. You can set up to translate German languages into your mother tongue automatically.

How about the subs?

It takes a bit more time and effort. You might have to download the film and install an extension to change foreign sub into English.


We are all fed up with intrusive ads when surfing on the Internet. When it comes to free streaming websites, there are  even more of them.

It makes sense. Sponsored ads are the only method that xCite can earn profit and improve their website. However, it is still annoying to see the popup appears over the screen from time to time.

How to get rid of those ads?

  • First of all, check whether your browser supports any tool or extension to block ads and promotional popup. If yes, then turn it on.
  • Secondly, try not to opt-in any ads. Or else, they will keep coming back in the middle of the film.

To tell the truth, we can never remove those promotional ads permanently. We just can minimize their appearance as much as possible.

I hope that xCine will care more for customers’ experience and deliver less advertisements.

Even though still needs a lot of improvement, I am sure that it will become popular soon. Their advantages of free services, quick updates, and high-definition quality are what other streaming websites can not beat.

I hope that this sharing is useful for those who are looking for alternatives to  Netflix. If you have any other free online movie website that is well-worth seeing, please share it with me as well.


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