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I Just Gave Birth: What next?

I Just Gave Birth: What next?

To begin with, getting pregnant is a miracle irrespective of whether you planned for it or not. Personally, my first pregnancy came as a shock and I had to buy several pregnancy testing kits just to be sure of it. Sometimes we concentrate so much on the pregnancy that we find ourselves not ready for the next phase after giving birth.

What can possibly exceed the joy of a woman than getting to meet the angel that has been developing in her womb for 9 months? That’s the happiest moment but after giving birth, what next?

1.    Dormant for while

Don’t expect that after giving birth you shall go for a trip to Kenya to a safari or even go swimming. Basically one feels so weak and they are advised to restrain from any activity. So, expect to be dormant for the next 2-3 weeks.

2.    Breastfeeding

Everyone knows that after giving birth they shall need to breastfeed their newly born babies. It’s easy, right? However, as time moves on you shall discover that there are some basic things you need to know about breastfeeding to ensure that your baby is getting the right nutrients.

Your baby needs fats for his/her development. A crucial question arises: how to make breastmilk fattier? Let no one mislead you that if you eat more fats it shall be reflected in the fat content in your milk. No! You can’t increase the fat content of your milk by changing your diet. Caught you by surprise? I was also surprised to know that too. On the contrary, you can make your breast milk fattier by the following methods:

  • Breast compression and massage’
  • Express the foremilk
  • Reduce duration between each breastfeed

Sex after birth

3.    Sex

We all know that sex is a crucial aspect of a relationship and marriage. You get connected to your partner and most importantly have pleasure. After giving birth I thought that I would be ready to have sex gain within one week. This was way far from the truth.

I was advised by my doctor that I should have to wait for about 6-7 weeks before considering having sexual intercourse. Holy cow! That’s almost two months without sex. I couldn’t comprehend it considering the fact that during my pregnancy I was accustomed to regular sex. However, it is essential to follow the doctor’s advice so as to allow yourself time to heal. You wouldn’t want to open up the sore wound, would you?

4.    The baby’s moment

Not everyone is lucky to know if they will give birth to a boy or girl. To some people, it’s quite a surprise. The newly born angel needs to have his or her moment; you can take pictures of the baby and ofcos you have to name him/her. 10 or 20 years to come you shall show the pictures to them and they won’t believe that they were that little vulnerable.

5.    Vaginal discharge

No one told me that after giving birth I shall have vaginal discharge. Everybody will celebrate the miracle and congratulate you, and then you feel something get out of you through your vagina. Pretty disgusting, right! You feel so uneasy as if everyone who came to visit you noticed what has just happened. Imagine a scenario where you are talking to your mother-in-law who happens to be very happy that she has a grandson then you feel something coming out. At that moment you wish that the earth would crack and swallow you whole.

Did I also mention bleeding? You shall bleed for the next 10-14 days after giving birth and this calls for you to have the post delivery undergarments. I know it’s not what we want, I also wonder: why can’t it be paradise after giving birth?



As much as giving birth brings a lot of happiness to the new mother and the whole family in general, more often than now we are not ready for what happens after giving birth. It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it useful. Please enlighten a friend or two on the same by sharing the article.


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