IELTS Preparation Tips and how to choose the best IELTS institute

IELTS Preparation Tips and how to choose the best IELTS institute

“There are no secrets to success. It is a result of hard work, patience, and learning.” 

Every year a lot of students worldwide appear for the IELTS exam, but do all of them get their desired score? No, most of the students, let alone many Indian students who take the IELTS test end up retaking it because they couldn’t score well the very first time. 

Why is it that students fail to secure their desired score in the IELTS exam? It is mostly because of the lack of preparation and understanding of the exam format. 

If you are going to take the IELTS exam soon, below mentioned are a few IELTS Preparation tips and how you can choose the best IELTS institute to facilitate your exam preparation.

IELTS Preparation Tips 

IELTS, International English Language Testing System is an exam used to grade a candidate’s English language skills i.e. proficient speaking, listening, writing and reading. 

It takes days and hours of effort and practice to excel at these skills but with the following tips you will be able to prepare for the exam like never before:

  1. Build a strong lexical resource

Lexical resource means to use a range of vocabulary to accurately convey your intentions. It does not mean using extremely difficult words that sound unnatural to the context in question. 

If you wish to score 9 band in IELTS, it is important that you use a wide range of vocabulary. The only thing to consider here is that your delivery or placement of words in a sentence should look very natural and error-free. 

You can build a strong and impressive vocabulary by reading a lot. Reading alone does not serve the purpose until you don’t use the words you learned during reading. At least 10-15 tries are required to make a word an active part of your vocabulary. 

  • Practice listening 

Practicing listening does not only mean listening to practice modules, but it also means listening to informational videos, podcasts and radio shows conducted by native English speakers. 

Listening to such shows and videos will help you a lot in improving your listening skills because you hear people discuss issues and then provide possible solutions. You also get to learn a lot of new words that you can implement in your vocabulary.

Keep it in mind to make little notes of information or words that you find useful. 

  • Read as much as possible 

You not only need to read a lot of books, newspapers or magazines but also keep a credible English-English dictionary with you at all times. 

By developing a reading habit you expose yourself to new words, phrases and expressions that you can use in your exam. A rich vocabulary always impresses the examiner, only if you use it right and know the meaning of each word you use. 

When you are reading and come across an unfamiliar word, try to interpret its meaning on your own before you check it in the dictionary. 

  • Write your way to success

Using the right spellings in your exam is very important. Most students score less even after spending days preparing because they did not concentrate on the spelling of words.

You can improve your spelling game only by practicing to write. Besides the improvement of spellings, writing practice will also improve your speed. 

Time management is an important part of  IELTS preparation. You really do not want to leave any question unattended in the exam. Improper time management can cost you a lot, so a simple solution to this is practicing to write as much as you can. 

  • Converse in English every chance you get   

Many students, who appear for the IELTS exam, find the speaking module to be the most difficult. This may be because you have to confront the examiner and the nervousness takes over. The best way to overcome nervousness is to converse in English every chance you get. 

You can also stand in front of a mirror and practice speeches, this will help you evaluate yourself and find out where you lack.

Try to indulge in conversations with native English speakers because trying to talk like a native speaker is your ultimate goal. 

Make sure that while speaking you take sufficient pauses, stress on certain words and use impressive vocabulary. There should not be a lot of ahh and ummss in your speech. 

Now, for most students practicing under a certified and qualified trainer is the best way to prepare for the IELTS exam. 

But, how is it that one can choose the best IELTS institute?

With the increasing number of IELTS institutes, it gets very difficult to find the diamond in the coal. Make sure you choose the right one because it is a very important decision for your future. 

The IELTS coaching institute you choose should cater to all your needs and provide a learning experience that is focused on improving your individual shortcomings. 

Also, the institute should make use of the latest technology like high-tech labs and live masterclasses. It will also be a cherry on the cake if the institute pays equal attention to all the four modules and has a limited amount of students in every class so that the trainer can focus individually on each child. 

You will be glad to know that there is one such institute, the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh, Western Overseas. Along with the above-mentioned facilities, Western Overseas also organizes IELTS Reality tests.

An IELTS Reality test is a real-like test that helps the students know where they stand before they give the real exam. Also, Western Overseas has IDP and British Council certified trainers who make sure the students achieve their desired band score in the first attempt itself. 

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