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If I get into an accident, will my car insurance policy be canceled?

If I get into an accident, will my car insurance policy be canceled?

There are a bunch of queries regarding car insurance such as if someone got into an accident, will there car insurance policy be canceled? If you too have such queries regarding car insurance in your mind then do follow this article till the end, as we will discuss more such questions. 

Although if I talk about the question that a car insurance policy can be canceled if the user gets into an accident, then the answer would be yes, there are various factors based on which this thing would be possible. For discussing those factors let us have a look at the points we are going to discuss below. 

Your car insurance policy can be canceled if

Here are some reasons because of which your car’s insurance policy can be canceled, let us have a look that is if someone with car insurance gets into an accident, will there can insurance policy be canceled:

  • Car insurance policy cancellation is a thing that cannot be done on the basis or decision of the insurer only. There are various factors which can lead to your car’s insurance policy cancellation. 
  • The first reason because of one’s car insurance policy can be canceled, if they have not filled the premiums and after various notification and calls to the owner, they are still not responding to fill the premiums. The company waits for a particular interval of time after which the car insurance policy gets canceled. If your car insurance policy or any other insurance policy gets canceled and you want to buy a new one, then here is an option from where you can purchase various insurance policies easily: americaninsurance
  • The next reason for car insurance policy cancellation is if the user’s driving license has been suspended, expired for more than six months or it’s entirely canceled. 

Your Auto Insurance can be Non-Renewed If

You must be knowing that Non-Renewal is a condition in which a user would be unable to renew their car insurance after it has been expired. Although various factors are depending on which the insurer can straightforward reject to renew a user’s car insurance. Those who come under high-risk drivers category or non-standard car insurance policy they have high chances for non-renewal of their auto insurance. This is because these high-risk drivers are the ones who face the most number of accidents, sometimes due to a lack of their driving skills or many other reasons. 

Here are some reasons based on which the insurer can directly reject the renewal process of a user’s car insurance.

If the insurer finds that a user is filling a relatively number of claims in a short interval of time, then this is one of the reason because of which your car insurance can be non-renewed. 

If it’s seen that you are facing more number of accidents in a particular time interval, then this is also a factor for your auto insurance can be non-renewed. Most such cases come from the non-standard auto insurance policies, as those drivers are counted in high-risk drivers, because of their un-eligibility for the standard auto insurance policy. 

The next biggest reason because of which your auto insurance can be non-renewed is if you have made a severe driving crime. There are several such serious crimes which can lead to non-renewal of your car insurance, such as If you got caught by Police for the case of reckless driving or if you have been ever found driving your vehicle while having alcohol or drugs. 

Is it legal for my insurer to cancel or non-renew my car insurance policy? 

Although it’s mostly not in the hand of an insurer to cancel or non-renew your car insurance policy, there are some reasons based on which an insurer can easily non-renew your car insurance, and this can only happen if the user’s insurance policy is going to be expired or is already expired. Other than that, there is no such authority to an insurer that he can cancel your car insurance or non-renew it without even passing the expiration time. 

Here are some of the reasons because of which the insurer can non-renew your car insurance after expiry:

– The first reason can be if you have faced several accidents with a short interval of time, then also your car insurance policy can be non-renewed by the insurer.

– If you don’t pay premiums on time, then this could also lead to non-renewing of car insurer. 

– The next reason for non-renewing of your car insurance is if you apply for several claims within a short interval of time. 


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