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If You See Any Of These 8 Animals, You Are Being Contacted From Above

If You See Any Of These 8 Animals, You Are Being Contacted From Above

With the Universe happening from within us and we being a divine source of light having a human experience then who and what are animals? Moreover, why are they here on the Earth?

Just like every human being has a purpose in this Universe so does animals. Animals have always walked alongside humans as teachers, messengers and as givers of love and light. They help us to understand the world better and shows us how one can love without any expectations. 

Animals are conscious and sentient beings. It is of utmost importance to treat every living being on this planet with respect and consideration as we expect from others.

Ancient people were much wiser and sorted and they knew the secrets of the Universe. They knew that every human being is sacred and so are animals. The ancient always knew that Mother nature speaks to us in different ways and among them, animals are one of the crucial sign through which Mother Nature conveys messages to humans.

If we patiently observe the behavior of animals we witness that animals are sensitive to their surroundings and are gifted with an active sixth sense.  Animals can easily detect the energy around us and provide us with deeper insights into intuitive signs and messages. 


Snakes symbolize Mother Earth and nature magic. Spotting snakes or their imagery is a powerful reminder that we human beings hold mighty forces inside of us as Mother Earth fondles all these powerful natural phenomena. Snakes are a powerful reminder that we need to devote our time to master our passions and direct all the intuitive energy into something creative which calls our heart. Seeing snakes also gives us a hint of entering a place of renewal and healing. As Jesus said: “be wise as the snakes. Great wisdom and power are associated with snakes. Even dreams about snake mean a lot.


Butterflies are powerful and deep representations of life. Butterflies come as a strong reminder about the power of transformation. It reflects that one needs to shift internally to experience external shifts. Many cultures around the world associate butterflies with souls. At times butterflies may also indicate a cycle of growth or transformation taking place in one’s life. If one sees butterflies repeatedly then it’s a sign from the Universe to release and change the thought pattern that’s holding one back. It’s time to let go and enjoy the present moment. 


The spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power, and growth. Spiders are a remarkable figure of feminine energy and creativity. Being a strong reminder of spiritual connectedness, spiders reminds one to tune into their creative potential and follow through ideas and inspirations. The web of the spider symbolizes the circle of life. Spiders have eight eyes and eight legs and 8 symbolizes infinity. Sightings of spiders may also come up as a sign from the Universe to reflect the connectedness to the spirit world and the divine power we all hold inside. 


The owl is best known for being able to see in the dark. Seeing an owl is an indication to look beyond the illusion and the veil of deception. Being the wisest bird of all sightings of an owl is a clear indication to pay attention to the intuition and wisdom. It acts as a reminder to pay heat to any gut feeling and act accordingly. They always guide us in the right direction. The owl acts as a sigh to see the reality and to act from a place of wisdom and authenticity. 


Seeing lizards is a symbol letting one know to conduct an internal audit. This is the sign meaning of seeing a lizard. Repeatedly seeing lizards indicates that one needs to pay more attention to their goals and dreams. One should have a clear inspection of whether they are acting from their ego or from their heart. 

Perhaps one has lost the meaning of their true self and is feeling negative. Lizards are a sign to rebound with the higher self and to be authentic and to be steady on their dreams.


A raven is an emblem for new commencement. Though Ravens are considered to be a bad omen, they hardly indicate any physical death. Continuous seeing a raven or a crow indicates that one must let things go and be ready to embrace the new beginnings. Ravens are signs of the Universe indicating an upcoming rebirth.


A Hawk is known for its keen eyes and strong wings. Continuous sightings of hawk indicate that the Universe is providing guidance to see things from a higher perspective.

 A hawk tries to convey that one needs to use their power of observation to view different aspects of life in details. Continuous sightings of hawks also indicate that a different lesson will be unfolding shortly. 


 A Cat is a symbol of mystery and mysticism. Though black cats are considered as bad omens but in general cats represent other dimensions. Cats symbolize courage to act and signify its capability to keep it all a secret and how they are guardians of the other side. A feline can also indicate the power and magic to create anything. Their look is often imploring which means for us it is a long way to go, spiritually speaking but the journey has begun. 


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