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Importance Of Responsive Web Design And How It Favors Google

Importance Of Responsive Web Design And How It Favors Google

Web designing is a rapidly growing field today due to immense growth in the online sector. Unlike the past decades, this industry is demanding constant changes, customizations, and enhancements. Highly creative and best design executing people are preferred when it comes to professional web designing.

However, web designing today is not just limited to making web pages or designs, templates, graphics, etc. Today professional web designing demands for high mobility and coding to a certain extent. With the new inventions such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, etc. which give axis to the internet from anywhere and everywhere the factor of mobility is given first preference in Web designing. Designing a web design in such a way that it can be easily accessible on any internet friendly device, window or any screen size is known as responsive web design (RWD). Like the name, the web design or web pages are made responsive and mobile to any sort of device without any errors or hurdles.

Importance of Responsive web design

Easy mobility and accessibility –As mentioned earlier that is due to responsive web design only that you can today run various websites or applications in a similar way from where ever you want. The devices which give you internet accessibility today are going on increasing day by day. Earlier internet was only available on the computer. Then there came more inventions in a market like a laptop, desktop, smartphones, tablets, iPads, Fab-lets, etc. The reason why you can easily access websites in all these devices irrespective of their versions, screen size, resolutions, etc. is Responsive web designing. It is due to RWD only that you can easily browse the internet on various devices with almost same speed and features.

Maintains the brand image of a website in the customer’s mind – Imagine you are browsing smoothly through a site on your computer, and after some time when you try to browse the same through your phone then the same does not support! This will surely make a bad impression about a particular website in your mind. But thanks to responsive web designing that today majority of the sites and applications are user-friendly and responsive irrespective of the device. In this way, it also helps to save the brand image by making the site smoothly browsable.

Improves website ranking and increases traffic to a website –If you have a good RWD, then it will surely load properly as compared to other sites which do not have an RWD or which have very poor RWD. As due to excellent responsive web design your website gets loaded easily and faster on search engines there are changes that your ranking on search engines may improve due to it.

As the ranking improves, more people tend to visit your website as a result of which you get good organic traffic to your site.

Saves costing on mobile version developments –when people did not know about responsive web design, they tend to make a separate mobile version to support their website on smaller screens and different versions. But with the commencement of RWD, now there is no such need because RWD does not require any development to make it accessible on smaller screens. Also, to make a separate mobile version, there is a good cost involved and the majority of the times mobile versions also needed to make a different website which is not the case in RWD. Apart from all the features, the cost to develop an efficient RWD is less compared to making a mobile version.

Gives rise to business and employment opportunity –With the growing need and importance of RWD. Several companies are coming up with solutions to build an efficient and professional RWD. These companies also offer other complimenting services such as web development, designing, digital support, and hosting solutions, etc. Hence, RWD has given rise to much digital support business and employment too at the same time. You can come across some great marketing quotes online.

Increased conversion rates and decreased bounce rates –As your website becomes more responsive and user-friendly when you have a smartly developed RWD the conversion rate from your website automatically increases. You get more business or traffic on your website than earlier. Websites which do not have a proper RWD visitors tend to move to other sites as the pages of that website take too long to load or do not load at all. Also, the majority of visitors use mobile devices to browse through the internet as compared to desktops. This is why websites with a good RWD plays a vital role in increasing conversion rates.

How RWD favors Google?

It was back in April 2015 that the most used search engine Google had stated that RWD is one of the leading factors that they consider while ranking your website on their pages. Since then, there was a rise in leading digital and web management companies, which provide the best support and hosting website RWD services all over the globe.Website owners are now taking their RWD seriously and making continuous efforts to improve it. Lately, Google has introduced mobile-first indexing in which they rank the websites on the basis of their mobile versions and not of Desktop ones. This is the reason why having the best RWD is so important for your business to flourish online.  Apart from this if you have an efficient RWD then there are high chances that you’re SEO strategies work well and give you the desired results.

If you already have a professionally good and efficient RWD, then it is really a good thing but does keep updating and developing your RWD as per the demands of digital platforms and customers. Also, with a high demand for best quality electronic digital appliances, there may be even more advanced devices coming up in the near future. Hence always be prepared to face the challenges when it comes to having a successful RWD.


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