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Important Laboratory Testing kits in New York

Important Laboratory Testing kits in New York

In search for the best laboratory techniques, laboratories around the globe find themselves in constant search of better and more advanced techniques to fit the medical field. The fast evolutionary and genetic changes make it difficult to keep up with diseases but the technological advancements made are making this easier.

The top laboratory technics and kits used include:

  1. Elisa Assay kits

Enzyme-linked Immuno absorbent assays are one of the most commonly used techniques. It incorporates the use of a solid phase Enzyme-linked Immunoassay (EIA) to detect the presence of a substrate the most commonly used substrate being an antigen. Antigens are attached to a surface then an antibody is applied that sticks to the antigen in the sample. The subsequent reaction is shown by a detectible colour change.

Types of Elisa assays

  • Direct ELISA

Antigen is attached to the substrate then a labeled antibody filled substrate is added to the solid phase.

  • Indirect ELISA

The antibody attached to the antigen filled substrate is not labeled. An enzyme conjugated antibody is then added to the same solid phase with the aim of attacking the first antibody.

  • Competitive ELISA

It involves addition of competing antibodies simultaneously. Highly specific results are obtained because a weaker signal is obtained where the second antibody binds the antigen.

  • Sandwich ELISA

The capture antibody is added to the solid phase then sample with known or unknown antigens is added to a buffer. This minimizes attachment to the solid phase detection of the reaction by addition of an enzyme labeled antibody.

Mybiosource Elisa is one of the top companies with the best Elisa assay kits in the state. Not only are they well known but they also have the best testing kits for a variety of diseases. The variety of diseases wouldn’t be easily undertaken normally but the Elisa assay kits offer a very high degree of specificity for the proteins (peptides).

The kits have antigens that correlate with the antibodies to be tested for in the samples. They test for antibodies present in diseases from cancers, HIV, kidney failures, heart diseases, pregnancy complications and even aging conditions or obesity.

The Elisa assay kits are only prepared for use when ordered, therefore, you get a longer shelf life, and the reagents will still be fresh for use.

  1. PCR Test Kits

Polymerase chain reactions are also important laboratory practices that ensure all citizens get the required in DNA testing processes. It is important to have necessary test kits for detecting viral diseases that have sections of their DNA spliced into the human DNA. In the laboratory, two DNA primers are made in the laboratory to match the desired segment. The base pairs in the primers attach to each other in a complementary fashion. DMA Polymerase enzyme facilitates the primer’s attachment to the desired human or primate DNA.

  1. CLIA Test kits

These are the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments test kits. Whenever laboratories are preparing reagents for use of testing samples, they have to adhere to the regulations set. MyBioSource test kits ensure that the laboratories meet the requirements.

In conclusion, in search for the best and most appropriate techniques for disease testing, every laboratory and technician has to know the best kit to use for samples from different tissues and also different diseases.

Author Bio

Amelia Stephenson is a Biochemist and chief Pathologist and encourages the use of mybioSource Elisa test kits because of their diversity and specificity. Read more about her research on the Medical journal website.


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